Look yourselves in a mirror

Dear Westerner;

Please stop teaching the world ethics, before that, look in the mirror and learn your history. And deal with your own history. Your real history, not the whitewashed one. Accept it. Learn from it, learn what you did wrong, and stop doing that.

european colonization
Europe colonized all other people with inferior technology so they could enslave their people, steal their resources so they would feel richer and bossier over us.

Western civilization merely a lifetime ago, has pulled regular people like you and me from the streets regardless of who they are, they could be the brightest minds on earth, earthshaking ground breaking scientists, it didn’t matter to them, still put them into gas chambers to kill them, for the sole crime of belonging to an ethnic group.

And accuse us the same crime? To dilute the horrible crime your democratically elected leaders actually really did?

The ones your ancestors have tried to kill have escaped to our countries with the help of our diplomats! Why did they do that if Turkish people is the psychotic murderers you like to paint us?

But we got over it, we are not that people, we learned from our mistakes you say…

african slaves cutting their childrens hands
These “culturally and morally superior” White folk, who define non-white people as “savages” even cut of their children’s hands when the slave fathers couldn’t meet the quotas.

No! You still haven’t learned. Today Western world is just as brutal and just as imperialistic.

West still steals, still kills people in millions on the guise of bringing democracy.

West have caused a civil war in Libya just to get cheap oil.

USA killed 3 million civilians in Iraq.

Racism is still a BIG issue. It is almost impossible to hold a position of power even in a company in Canada. You still encounter racism daily if you are a “Schwarz Kopf” in Germany. People still get killed by police because of the color of their skins in USA.

Kill your TV. Kill your Social Media. They all lie to you. You are not the white knights. You are the baddies.

Seriously leave us “non-white”, “non-western”, “unfree”, “undemocratic” folk alone. We don’t need neither your gratification nor your contempt. Just turn to yourselves, look yourselves in a mirror.

united states of america genocide
entire civilization is built upon colonialismslavery, and genocides, whose ancestors have either wiped off an entire continent of people and occupied their land.

Excerpt from the article of Hikmet C.

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european colonization



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