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To: Fox News … October 10, 2019
To: President D.J. Trump, Pres. USA
From: Dr. Robert B. McKay,  robtmckay

Advisor to Turkish Forum & Dr. Kayaalp Buyukataman, Founder/ President of Turkish Forum.

Fox News:

FNWHD Hemmer/Smith constantly states “Turkey Attacking U.S. Ally”, However, it is Turkey who has been the longest and best ally of the USA, not the Kurds:

Turkey is our partner. The Kurdish PKK has been declared a terrorist organization

by the United Nations and has killed over 30,000 Turks. Kurds have done little to help

the USA compared to Turkey. Kurdish interests are self serving for territorial gain.

Turkish troops in Korea …. provided troops in the Korean conflict: The Turks stayed

behind and took the loses for our men to escape. Turkey was our greatest ally in the

Cold War against Russia; Submarine monitoring of Russia from the Black Sea, the

U-2 airplane kept at the Incirlik Air Base near Adana, our spy stations in Samsun our

nuclear capabilities for quick strikes against Russia and/or China and our air bases

in Turkey.

It is foolish, and irresponsible for Fox News not to recognize Turkey as our long

time friend. Furthermore, Turkey, like the USA has an OBLIGATION to protect its

national and territorial interests…which for many decades have been under Kurdish


Characterizing Turkey as an enemy (by omission of facts) can only make Turkey

seek other friends or, at the least create further friction in a part of the world where

more came is needed.

Recent guests on Fox News, who are intelligent people but who do not exhibit a

strong historical knowledge of Turkey’s role have included Niki Haley, General

Pittard and retired Major General Malcolm Frost.

Sarah Sanders has been the first person on Fox to correctly acknowledge the

difficulties when two of our friends are having a dispute between themselves.

We will see Turkey solve the problem of Kurdish terrorism, for the sole reason

of protecting itself from attack: as President Trump has correctly forecast.

Most importantly thousands of Kurds, even today live peacefully in Turkey. This

peace will continue when the nationalistic Kurds of Syria give up their attempt to

annex parts of Eastern Turkey to create a new expanded Kurdish State.

Since the time of Ataturk after WWI Turkey has never had territorial aspirations..

except to live in their own homes—in peace: nothing has changed-except Turkey is

housing three and one half million (3.5 m) refugees displaced by the U.S. war on ISIS.

Copy: Honorable Serdar Kilic: Turkish Ambassador to the USA: Serdar.Kilic

President D.J. Trump, Pres. USA: djtrump

Senator Lindsay Graham: Fax 202-224-5972

Dr. Kayaalp Buyukataman: Founder/President Turkish Forum: kbuyukataman

Mr. HikmetAslan,PresidentTurkishAmericanAssociation:SNETACA;  aslanct

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan  receptayyip.erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan;  cimer

Dr. Robert B McKay is The Advisor to Turkish Forum in Armenian, Kurdish and Cyprus issues since 1993

Dr Robert B. McKay has spend many years in Turkey and Taught in Tarsus American College with His Wife Lorraine McKay , Their Three children were Born in Turkey.


A note from TF-WTC President;

NATO Ally of the Republic of Turkey Battles Terrorist , Not Kurds.

Turkey is not and has not been against the Kurdish people. Such smear campaigns have only become another weapon in the international platform to delegitimize Turkey. The fact of the matter is Turkey is against terrorist organization like the Marxist–Leninist communist PKK, YPG and ISIS who are walking around freely in Syria / Iraq with guns,missiles pointed at Turkey.

What would Israel do ? ,

What would US do ? ,

What would any government do? to protect it’s national interest and national security ?

I thank The State of  Hungary and The State of Spain for not signing EU declaration against Turkish Actions to protect its citizens and national security and I hope many other nations will join them this week.

Dr. Kayaalp Buyukataman



“Good Kurds” (show original) 9:32 PM (1 hour ago)

Legitimizing Terrorists Whitewash the PKK / YPG as a “Good Kurds,”

How is it that any American can feel good about arming and training a Marxist Leninist communist terrorist organization with American Tax money ?

It is extremely disturbing to read an articles and ones who are sympathetic toward one of the world’s most infamous and deadly terrorist groups, the PKK /YPG . Articles have been floated to serve as a propaganda instrument for the PKK and YPG , which is declared a terrorist organization by not only by the United States but the European Union and others.

PKK / YPG terrorist , are portrayed in many articles as humane fighters in an epic struggle against ISIS , The truth is the group has has committed acts of brutal terror that have cost the lives of tens of thousands of Turkish citizens, Syrian Citizens and Araps , among them teachers, engineers, villagers, women and children.
Articles begin floated declaring Turkey in attacking Kurds in Syria, Do not speak the truth on was is taking place on the ground but are only Fake News with ones who have an alternative motives . There is now the tendency of depicting PKK/ YPG as if they represent the Kurds as glorious heroes, given how they have been portrayed in our media in the fight against ISIS, turning a blind eye to the Kurds own excesses, and as victims, given the negative image of the Turks in our media. Kurdish-Turks are often portrayed as suffering from discrimination or oppression, which seeks to explain or partly justify the PKK /YPG , when the reality is Turkey’s Kurds are equal under the Turkish Constitution and regional Kurds reject the PKK/ YPG . How is it that any American can feel good about arming and training a Marxist Leninist communist terrorist organization with American Tax money ?

Articles may choose to whitewash the PKK / YPG as a “militant group,” but our country, Israel and others have designated the PKK /YPG as a terrorist group. Notice how our prior Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter confirmed not only the YPG’s ties to the PKK, but the PKK’s terrorist nature, 45 seconds into 2016’s “Graham: ‘Hope is not a strategy’”

Turkeys current cross border Operation peace spring Battles Terrorist , Not Kurds. Turkey has taken step to protect her National interest against a terrorist organization Marxist–Leninist communist PKK, YPG and ISIS who are walking around freely in Syria / Iraq with guns, missiles pointed at Turkey.
Kurdish PKK/ YPG finding shelter in Northern Syria or Northern Iraq and the ones who harbor or to continue to legitimizing Terrorists or whitewash the PKK / YPG as a “Good Kurds,” whether their support is active or passive is irrelevant, for there are no acceptable levels of support for terror. Nor is it responsible to undercut the security of a long-term NATO ally like Turkey. Until all terrorist are expelled from Turkeys broader the fight against terror will continue. As I always ask ?

What would Israel do? What would any government do? to protect it’s national interest and national security?



Member since 1/9/16yurdagulbeyoglu (yurdagulbeyoglu
Ynt: [Turkish Forum –] “Good Kurds” (show original) 2:26 AM (2 hours ago)
Merhaba değerli arkadaşlar. Harekatla ilgili olarak, daha önce yaşanan vahşet fotoğrafları dünyaya “Türk askeri yapmış gibi” servis ediliyor. Bizlerin de buna karşı elimizden geldiğince karşı atak yapmamız gerek. Propagandanın en eski savaş taktiği olduğundan hareketle yetkililere tavsiyem, teknolojik aletlere ve yabancı dillere hakim kişilerden oluşan bir sosyal medya grubu oluşturarak, bu algı operasyonunu çürütmeleri. Tabi bunu bizler de -küçük boyutta da olsa- yapabiliriz. Aşağıdaki yazıda olduğu gibi. Lütfen twiterden veya diğer sosyal medya mecralarından Türk askerini kötüleyen, PKK’yı masum gösteren tweetlere karşı sizler de birşey yazınız. Devede kulak da olsa mesajımızın yerine ulaşması çok önemli. “Biz nasıl olsa haklıyız” diyerek meydanı boş bıraktık, şimdi bunun cezasını çekiyoruz.
Yurdagül Atun

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