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  • Afghanistan under Taliban needs Constitution as never before

    As the world economic and diplomatic order is dynamically changing, Afghanistan is playing a more important role in the game change. A transit center between Pakistan, Central Asia, Russia and Europe, today Afghanistan is a strategic logistic corridor and a player in a new export and import relations. For instance, Russia is on the way […]

  • Azerbaijan sell arms to Ukraine

    Despite the news about the Ukrainian army’s progress, the United States continues to use its full potential to provide Kyiv with more weapons, in order to ensure the continued confrontation of the Russian army and prevent Moscow from achieving its goals in its special military operation. Washington confirms that it does not supply weapons to […]

  • Russia’s Chelyabinsk hosted the II Forum of the Heads of Regions of the SCO Member States

    On Septemper 29, Chelyabinsk, a Russian city in the South Urals has become a platform for hosting the II Forum of the Heads of Regions of the SCO Member States. The decision was made after the Declaration at the XX Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Dushanbe was signed. The Forum’s Plenary session was […]

  • Kiev Cross Procession unites thousands of supporters of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

    The Procession of the parishioners and priests of the Ukraine Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) held on July 27 in Kiev to mark the 1033th anniversary of Christianization of Rus’ gathered about 100 thousand of participants. According to journalists covering the event, there were actually a lot more people. This only shows that most Ukrainians support […]

  • Could the SPIEF boost the TurkStream flows?

    Could the SPIEF boost the TurkStream flows?

    The Saint Petersburg Economic Forum to be held in Russia on June 2-5 is the first post pandemic global event that is focused to gather international delegations from the U.S., Germany, Italy, China, South Asia and the Middle East. With the Forum’s main focus on energy and sustainable development, Russia aims to boost international trade […]