Mahmut Esat Ozan

In this day and age of the INTERNET revolution, the web sites have
been swarming the computer screens. They are everywhere. It’s almost
impossible to ignore them. Most of these web-sites are designed to
fulfill a necessary and beneficial function. Others are truly the
epitome of the expression ‘junk mail,’ or the paradigm of the word
‘trash.’ Yet they proliferate uncontrollably. Some of them are very
conspicuous, to say the least. At times their graphics are bleeding
with discordant colors, almost always with gaudy hues. They seem to
scream at the browsers, daring them to disregard the challenging
messages cleverly hidden within the bowels of their enticing, but
deceptive verbiage.

One such web-site caught my attention recently. The following
message was displayed in large letters on the screen:

The struggle for the liberation of the last enslaved Greek lands:
North Epirus-(Albania), North Macedonia, East Thrace-(Turkish Trakya),
Asia Minor-(Anatolia), North Cyprus-(TRNC) has started.
The brilliant progress of our Greek ancestors has to continue in
the same manner. A historical responsibility has passed on upon us.”

Following these outrageous statements, a Greek Military Evzone-like
cartoon character appears and walks towards the Turkish flag, which is
spread out on the ground, and begins to urinate on it. This disgusting
event repeats itself continuously, on a loop, every three or four
seconds, until one decides to change the web site, or turn off the
There have been other similar cases: In their typical fashion, even
the official members of the Greek government cannot help but use the
most pejorative words to describe their fellow diplomats, the Turks. It
is quite ironic that right after Turkey was admitted to the European
customs union, the Greek government’s official spokesman Telemahos
Hytiris used the most friendly words he could muster and said the
following: “The Hellenic government ‘dropped’ the veto without securing
any compromise by the Turkish government. At the same time, Hellas was
opening the door of civilized Europe for the BARBARIC MONGOLOIDS, the
Here’s another gem of a statement I was able to glean recently. It
said, “…many web sites were created by Turkish “students” throughout
the world. And in their amateurish ways, they try to present liberated
Thrace in Hellas as a place where Turks are oppressed. But what can we
expect from a MURDEROUS BUNCH, who have even ‘converted’ the genocide of
2.5 million poor Armenians, into a massacre of Muslims and Jews.”

It is not a well-kept secret that Greeks and Turks did not get
along too well in the past. Of all the nationalities integrated under
the aegis of the Ottoman rule, the Greeks and to a certain degree the
Serbs were most resentful of not being independent. It is only natural
that the governed should resent their rulers and the Turks were their
rulers for 400 years, until the middle of the 19th century.
Turks were also victorious in a fairly recent war in 1919-1922, a
Greek invasion instigated by the then British Prime Minister Lloyd
George, and the First Lord of the British Admiralty Winston Churchill.
This senseless intrusion onto Turkish soil in Anatolia, and their
humiliating defeat at the hands of their former rulers, the Turks, could
be counted as the prime source of their frustration. This, of course,
led to the Greeks’ unbearable inferiority complex.
There was a period of relaxation of tensions on both sides. A
rapprochement of sorts was initiated by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk during the
early Thirties. This lull lasted until the end of the Second World
War. I remember during those feverish days of the war Turkish
government-owned cargo ships smuggled tons of wheat cut from their
meager supplies of food stuffs, maneuvering through the hazardous,
mine-infested waters of the Aegean Sea to reach Greece, so that their
neighbors would not starve. In the process Turks lost scores of their
own citizens and vessels.
This feeling of closeness and empathy toward one another slowly
dissipated. Through the demise of Ataturk, then of the elderly leader
of Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos, the short-lived détente between the
two nations was no more. Taking its place was now the Greek experiment
with international Communism, which ended in 1946 with the inauguration
of the Marshall Plan, and by the full Nato membership of Greece and
Turkey in 1952.
The Tri-partite treaty of 1959-60 among Great Britain, Greece, and
Turkey, granting the Turkish and Greek Cypriots an independent status,
followed by massacres, the Greek Army Colonels’ coup, then the Turkish
military intervention to save the Turkish nationals, the 24 year-old
stalemate continuing on the island of Cyprus have all contributed to the
present day state of affairs between the two neighbors.

As long as the Greek-American lobby, the Greek Orthodox Church, and
the ethno-centric Greek organizations operating as propaganda machines
are around us, there will be no chance for the cessation of hostilities
emanating from their side, targeting continuously the interest of
Turkish people everywhere.
The website mentioned earlier, is but one of duzens of similar
sites spewing venom, Greek style, against anything Turkish, 24 hours a
day. Never mind the fact that Turkey is four times the size of Greece
and six times more populated than their country, the arrogance displayed
by the likes of Theodoros Pangalos in Greece and Glafkos Klerides in
southern Cyprus is incomprehensible at best.
A further striking example of unbelievable audacity is witnessed in
the case of Greeks’ insistence in calling the city of Istanbul by its
previous name of CONSTANTINOPLE, though its name was changed 537 years
ago when the city was conquered by the Turks. Today no one in his right
mind dares to call New York by its old Dutch name of New Amsterdam;
Leningrad in Russia is now called St. Petersburg; the name of Stalingrad
is replaced by Volgagrad; In China the old Peking became Beijing; the
Dominican Republic’s Ciudad Trujillo adopted the name of Santo Domingo:
Zimbabwe’s old name was Rhodesia, and its capital, the former Salisbury,
proudly calls itself Harare. These changes have all been accepted
officially by everyone in the world. However, Greeks are determined to
give Istanbul the name of Constantinople.
Just to add a little color to this writing, let me give you a few
incomplete lines of a popular American song which dominated the HIT
PARADE TV programs for several weeks during the Fifties:

“…Take me back
to Constantinople,”
“No, you can’t go
back to Constantinople,
Now it’s
Istanbul, not Constantinople.”
“Why did
Constantinople get the works?”
“That’s nobody’s
business but the Turks’!”

As if the above intransigence wasn’t enough, the Greeks now seem to
have started a different agenda comprised of bold-face lies, and savage
attacks against a legendary leader whom every Turk considers being
Not so long ago, very laudatory words were spoken on the pages of
Miami’s prominent Spanish daily, EL NUEVO HERALD. The article was
entitled: ATATURK, TURKEY’S GREAT HERO, written by a Cuban born writer
and dramatist, Rolando Francisco Bravo. Mr. Bravo was criticizing the
Greeks and Armenians who had intimidated a film actor who had promised
to portray Ataturk in a movie. Mostly-Greek-Americans, who constantly
claim to be the originators of democracy, human rights, and of fair
play, alongside with their ideological partners, the Armenian-Americans,
unfairly flooded the actor’s office and his home with thousands of
letters, telegrams, e-mail messages and threatening phone calls. What
made the author mad was their use of very pejorative ugly language
describing Ataturk. They were calling him a mass murderer and the
sodomizer of children. Mr. Bravo urged the British movie producer
Tarquin Olivier, the son of the famous actor Sir Lawrence Olivier to
find an actor worthy of his project and not to buckle under the pressure
of those ‘radical immigrants.’
A few days later, a nasty reply entitled THE CRIMES OF ATATURK
appeared on the pages of the same newspaper where the Bravo article was
published earlier. The letter penned by the Director of the AMERICAN
HELLENIC MEDIA PROJECT (AHMP), a lawyer of Greek origin “residing” in
south Florida. Our inquiries found him with no local address or phone,
and no local registration with Florida’s Bar.
His letter was replete with every kind of stereotypical falsehoods,
slanders and out and out ridiculous statistics imaginable. Among the
most unbelievable claims he had was the statement that the Turkish
troops upon “invading” Izmir (their own city), and burning it to a
crisp, had managed to “butcher 200,000 Armenians and Greeks.”
Given the fact that this alleged monstrous massacre took place in
only a single day boggles the mind. The Turkish troops recaptured the
city on September 9, 1922. Since we are told that all remaining
foreigners left the port of Izmir during the next 24 hours, his
outrageous figure of 200,000 could have made the Turks the world’s
greatest military logistic performers. What the Turks had accomplished
would have been a super human miracle of sorts.
I happen to have an American-educated nephew who works at the NATO
headquarters in Izmir. I asked him to do some research for me on the
population of Izmir at the time of the great fire, and the massacres
blamed on Turks. Cuneyt expeditiously sent me the following e-mail
pertaining to the break-down of different ethnic groups living in Izmir
(census circa 1915. The 1922 records were not available, they had
perished during the fire.)




Osmanli(Turks) 114,000



As one can see, the sum total is only 250,000 people. Since the
number of Greeks and Armenians did not go beyond 65,000 souls, in order
for the Turkish military to be able to massacre 200,000 people of their
ethnicity, they had to transport into the city of Izmir an additional
135,000 from other parts of Turkey so that they could comply with the
quota shown in the letter and ‘butcher’ them there. It is a mystery how
they accomplished this Houdiniesque legerdemain and how theTurkish Army
accomplished this feat in such a short time and then magically disposed
of the bodies of those unfortunate victims of theirs. Oh! I almost
forgot, the Turkish armed force units are also accused, in that letter,
of snatching the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Izmir, the Metropolitan
Christosomos oout of his Cathedral while he was saying Mass and killed
him and dismembered his body in the street. The perplexing question is:
Why was he singled out? Wasn’t he and the others in the church part of
the 200,000 to be ‘butchered?
Though all of this doesn’t make sense to us, it is logical to the
Greeks and Armenians who have lied so many times that they believe their
own fabrications. It’s that simple.

Daydreams, or call them hallucinations, are unproductive. They
tend to make their perpetrators the laughing stock of true historians.
As fiendish, diabolical and contemptible as they may be, they are
nevertheless as transparently deceitful. And as long as we allow them to
pull the wool over the eyes of those who do not bother to search for the
truth, the unsuspecting bystanders will be watching and approving,
inadvertently, their dishonest political charades.