By an Armenian-American senator, to claim $$$$$ from certain parties for
the decendents of non existing GEnoside…

AGAINST THE TURKS. R.C.Craigie,of American Archives,Washington,DC to:British Foreign Secretary, Lord George Curzon- 13 July 1922


Before we go any further, let us review what the expression ‘cottage
industry’ means. The newest edition of a well known dictionary calls it
“activity carried out or job done in workplace or at home.” Nothing could
fit better than this to describe the labor-intensive work of Armenians in
Diaspora. These people struggle slavishly, day and night, at home or office
to achieve their obsessive objective: To ruin the good name of Turkey and
Turks by every possible means. Some of their self-admitted confessions
indicate that “they live every minute of every day just to hate Turks.”
This hatred -charged loyal labor force, religious to the core, is supported
one hundred per cent by the mother Church. Tens of thousands of its members
work in a strictly organized fashion, following a unified agenda to create a
product, which will represent to the world, on their behalf, the sum total of
all the alleged misery and calumny ever befallen on the Ottoman Armenians in
a far-away land, almost a century ago. The product they’re busy fashioning
is an item, vital for their existence, as much as the air they breathe. It
is extremely in demand, because without its indispensable support their house
of cards won’t have a chance to stand up .
The name of this much sought after profitable product is “GENOCIDE,” and the
enterprise set up to produce it is called “GENOCIDE.COM ”
([email protected]) There is a HUGE amount of hunger generated for this
item. Every Armenian wants to acquire it in large quantities, to be taken
out hot from the presses, to be distributed lavishly by Armenians of every
walk of life, to every corner of the world. The item is used during their
interminable discourses, especially while the non-Armenians are being wooed
to join their side. These people could be the members of domestic or
international Media, representatives of various legislatures. They say that
this article, “Genocide,” should be abundantly used at the beginning, in the
middle, or at the end of all statements. This official procedure is to be
strictly followed during all encounters with academics, city and state
legislative bodies, or plain members of the local Press. As precious and
indescribable an item the product may be, it is neither vegetable, nor
animal, nor mineral. One may, however, call it ‘verbal.’ In normal
conditions, excluding the ‘Armenian sacred’ month of APRIL, the principal
place and time for this item to be used is very important. It is crucial
that the propagation of the made-up scenarios, such as the improvised sob
stories, the sorrowful narration of human sufferings of all kinds,
experienced by their ancestors, and the “brutal” treatment they received
from the rulers of the now defunct, Ottoman Empire are sensitive anecdotal
materials ,and they have to be made quite believable. Needless to say, a
majority of Americans do believe them. “Genocide” has been an item whose
definition these people have been improving over the years, ever since they
heard it first introduced in a publication by a non-Armenian . Now,
however, having been appropriated from him, it is being honed and refined to
an etymological perfection. Then it is sent everywhere to be subliminally
transmitted into the cranium of every peaceful, and unsuspecting American
citizen. This has been a proven method in which the targeted person or
persons are made to learn to acclimatize themselves to the wrongdoings of
the Turks as perpetrators of the “genocide.” Nothing is ever left to
chance. All captive audiences are lectured time and again on the subject of
a variety of cataclysms which allegedly occurred to their poor down-trodden
Armenian relatives. Never mind the fact that the Armenians were the favorites
of the Turkish Sultans and the
One thing is certain though, the dates of these horrible events may
constantly be changing. They could be referred to, at times, as having
happened between the years of 1915 and 16, at other times between 1914 and
1922. The most popular of them lately, has been the one of 1915 to 1923.
However, this tedious, monotonous and definitely confusing work, is a labor
of love for these unwavering, obdurate Armenians. Their work is believed to
be generating from ghetto-like enclaves of Southern California. In ‘Silicon
Valley’ alone 200,000 of them live, and many of them infiltrate the local
computer-age cyber companies where they unload their one-sided views on the
mythology of “genocide”. Unknown to these captive audiences is the fact that
the “disinformatsia” the Armenians are passing on to their listeners, is
worse than its original form employed by the Soviet Union’s KGB apparatchiks.
The product these people are disseminating comes from their “mental
rumination.” because they feed each other constantly stories of the distant
past, most of them are, the purposefully-embellished semi-fictional stories
depicting vague events allegedly taken place in geographically untraceable
locales, with funny sounding Armenian names having replaced the original
ethnic Turkish ones. Armenians make out of all this, a lucrative propaganda
Industry. By collecting, packaging and peddling around these mythical fables
passed on from generation to generation, rehashed by semi-senile
grandmothers with their characteristically confused memories, they score
success after success and thus recruit new turcophobes.
The well- known French writer, and member of the “Academie Francaise”, Pierre
Loti, despised the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire when he lived there and
had dealings with them intimately on a personal basis. He is rumored to have
said once : ” ..their vociferous blabber is the only claim to fame.”
Actually, there could be no objection to what they’re saying and writing
among themselves. But, this is not the case at all. With great deliberation
and determination they use every cunning methodology and ‘modus operandi’
to disseminate these venomous views of theirs, and shove them down the
throats of uninterested American public and Media. This is the saddest part
of the whole story, because, in most cases the same Media, accepts their
drivel without further research or verification of authenticity. And the
newspapers represented by the members of the Press, publish them verbatim,
swallowing hook, line and sinker, every falsehood provided to them by the
Armenian organizations. However, there seems to be an awakening observed of
late. Some of the members of state legislatures are speaking up, saying :
“resolutions dealing with 85 year old political events which may or may
have not occurred, at another part of the world should have no relevance to
the affairs of the state we represent in this country today.”
Meanwhile, back in the Cottage Industry, oblivious to all this, writers of
all caliber of talent and background grind out stories by the dozens. Every
Spring when the month of April approaches a ‘frenzy and delirium’ take over
these Armenian institutions. Everyone competes with everyone else, to outdo
each other in sending letters, faxes, and e-mails, even telegrams to any and
all publications possible. After all, Spring is the season of
resurrection, and their stale concoctions left over from the previous years
have to be revived once again and expedited to their new destinations as if
they were some freshly cultivated crop. So, now is the perfect time to go
out and plant in various journals and magazines these fictional accounts.
Get them published in a myriad of bogus articles, then take those printed
materials to show to the state legislators , to US Congressmen and
Senators and demand that they pay attention to them and consider them in
their future proposals, etc… And , low and behold ! their insidious system
works. The routine goes on, people are fooled, the deception continues with
no end in sight. The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) is
happy, and the lackeys of the Armenian constituents, the unabashed
bootlickers, the Boniors, the Porters, the Gilmans, the Pallones, the
Radanoviches are the ones who keep on getting elected and sustain the
“GENOCIDE.COM” operations. Their ultimate goal is to reach and inundate
and infest the inhabitants of every conceivable location in this universe
and beyond.
The “drone-like” members of this cottage industry keep busy reproducing
the tools needed to use against the Turkish nation and its government to
force them to admit the “butchery” of millions of ‘innocent’ ancestors of
theirs, and force the Turks to repent on the altar of history their
systematic liquidation of the ‘millions’ of the Armenians in Anatolia.
However, the figures used in this so-called “genocide” is an ever-changing
thing. Every time they have reference to it the number of the victims
fluctuates, varying between 300,000 to three million. This discrepancy does
not bother the Armenians. They are used to this kind of thing. They are
known to have lied and having deliberately misrepresented figures, and forge
documents before. Interested parties should refer to the scandalous forged
documents known as ANDONIAN papers. On various occasions when they organize
“genocide” shows around the country, usually a disgusting “photograph” is
exhibited. It shows hundreds of skulls piled up in a most gruesome
fashion. The caption says: IN MEMORY OF THE 1,500,000 MARTYRED ARMENIANS
WHO WERE MASSACRED BY THE TURKS IN 1915. The truth about this perfidious
claim is that it is a lie. The photo is a counterfeit. It is far from being
a photograph taken in 1915, it is in fact the photocopy of a Russian
masterpiece painted in oil by Vassili Vereschagin who died in 1905. His
original painting is still hanging at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow
today. The Armenians know this forgery quite well, but continue using it
throughout the world on pamphlets and postcards. They did this as recently
as last month in France.
Soon after the First World War, the high ranking Ottoman officials were
arrested and imprisoned by a victorious England, on the island of Malta. the
men who numbered 140 were detained, while an Armenian scholar named HAIG
KHAZARIAN was appointed by the British to locate evidence of war crimes and
persecution of Armenians. After researching the archives of a captive
Ottoman government, the British archives, and finally the U.S. Department
archives, all the detainees were released after three years . Although
Britain suffered a great deal of humiliation, at least, they thoroughly
researched the matter and were decent enough to admit their mistake before
releasing these unjustly accused people. ( Erol Bulur, Media Watch report,
The oft referred to infamous “quotation” of Adolph Hitler: “Who still
speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians” etc… is as phony as a
three dollar bill. Hitler had never uttered those words. However, he is
reputed to have used frequently the following quotation , which sounds like
it was borrowed from his Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels : “The
more you repeat a lie, the more it becomes the truth. To be able to give a
more authoritative answer to the above Hitler quotation, let us read a short
passage from Prof. Dr. Turkkaya Ataov, Chairman, International Relations
Division, Ankara, Turkey. Professor Ataov categorically refutes the quotation
and says in part: “As a matter of fact, Hitler had probably made only one
reference to the Armenians in a talk delivered on December 12, 1942, in which
he described them as unreliable (unzuverlassig) and dangerous (gefahrlich.).
Adolph Hitler was not the only one who had negative feelings about the
Armenians. It was Pierre Loti, the French novelist and world traveler, whose
name was mentioned above proudly defended the Turkish position, when others
sided with the Armenians because they were closer to their religious feelings
and beliefs. Loti knew the Turks intimately for having lived in Turkey and
written books about his friends, the Turks, about whom he once said the
following : “Their loyalty… unblemished honesty,…endless
hospitality…religious tolerance …moral elegance and natural tact, do give
affectionately deposition for the Turks in front of great Tribunal of
Humanity. Letters continue to arrive to me everyday, from officers, soldiers,
even Catholic priests, who were able to know them closely at the Dardanelles
and who remain amazed to have found the Turks to be as I had described them.
One of the most touching came from a soldier who had been their prisoner for
a long time, to express his tender gratification of the Turks who took care
of him with brotherly love. Thank God, the truth about them is beginning to
make headway at home.” (France)….He continues, “To speak …about the
Armenian race is for me more painful than one would believe, because the
amount of their unfortunate ‘incidents’ rendered me almost scared; also… If
I were able to claim and support that all the French who have lived in
Turkey, even our monks and nuns, give the Turks their esteem and their
affection, on the contrary, I believe that we would find barely one out of a
hundred of us who has good memories of these ‘unfortunate’ Armenians. All
who have had any relationship whatsoever with them, mundane or business,–
business affairs above all, were turned away with antipathy.

There are other testimonials . The well-known student of Turkish affairs,
Dr.Stephan Ronart wrote the following in his, “La Turquie d’Aujourd’hui”
The Turkey of Today, Paris 1937
“….Three times in the same millennium, Turks have built three
inter-continental empires- the mightiest that history has ever recorded. This
expansive spirit has always been the normal pattern in Turkish social life.
None of these early Turkish empires allowed the slightest religious
intolerance to take hold among themselves, nor did they advance the
superiority of one faith or of one sect over another.

Alphonse de Lamartime,in his 9 volume essay on Turks wrote long before anyone
else that Turks were generous and sensitive, that their country was that of
gentle, heroic people. He proclaimed that to be
the foe of such a people would be like being the foe of humanity. He
finished his words by saying :
“God preserve me from such a sin.”
Having remembered the injustices perpetrated on the Turkish people by the
Armenians and Greeks in these
United States, and having just finished reading the above unsolicited
testimonials, I cannot refrain myself from asking the following question:
“Could our ancestors ever commit the crimes they are accused of? Were the
Turks of the old Ottoman Empire capable of harboring within their hearts a
burning desire compelling them to annihilate a human race, the Ottoman
Armenians? Invariably the answer comes up a resounding “NO”, no, no, never!

There are times when I find it impossible to comprehend the enormity of the
accusation we Turks have been confronted with. To be able to endure for
a long time, such a horrendous indictment, a “Genocide” we had to be totally
innocent of the charges and we are. There was no such thing as a “Genocide”
For those who ask themselves, “If Turks were such a fair, magnanimous, and
gentle people why then the Armenians in Diaspora accuse them for such a
horrendous crime of Genocide?” Here’s the answer which they will never
accept because it runs against their profitable enterprise of GENOCIDE.COM
. They will always refute the truth. The wholesale Armenian insurgence in
the Ottoman Empire for a pipe dream called Independence, and the extortion
of a piece of valuable Turkish real estate did not pan out ever since the
Armenians have been playing the role of “bad losers” and selling a
deportation/resettlement issue as
plain old “Genocide”

But why take the prejudicial words of a person like me? Why not listen to the
an American, General James G, Harbord, the head of the U,S. Government’s
investigative Commission, sent to Anatolia in the Fall of 1919 by none other
than President Woodrow Wilson? In his report to President Woodrow Wilson,
and to the U.S Congress,General James G. Harbord said the following: “The
Turks and the Armenians lived in peace, side by side for centuries ; that
the Turks suffered as much as the Armenians at the time of the deportations,
that at the start of World War I and before, Armenians never had anything
approaching a majority of the population in the territories they called
“Armenia”; they would not have majority even if all the deported Armenians
were returned; and the claims that returning Armenians would be in danger
were not justified.”

Finally as a definitive answer to the accusations of the profitable Armenian
Enterprise “GENOCIDE.COM
and to its tireless contributors, we have here, one more time, for every
Armenian to see and to learn by heart, the official words used on the
declaration of the British Government from the island of Malta, where 140
high ranking Ottoman government officials suspected of having engineered the
“Genocide” were kept incarcerated, and then let go free at the end of their
third year of imprisonment in 1921. From 13 July 1922 British Foreign Office
Archives, 371/6504/8519, Mr. R.C.Craigie of American Archives in Washington
,DC written to Lord Curzon, of England saying that :


I’d like to bring this essay to a close with the words one more time of the
great friend of the Turks Pierre Loti who in his book : “Fantome d’Orient”
1928 wrote: “One should be blind to history not to understand the Turks.
The dignified silence of the Turks against the mounting unjustified attacks
and mean slanders can only be explained by their pity for the blind. …How
beautifully this attitude of theirs answers the undignified calumnies.”

Mahmut Esat Ozan
Prof. Emeritus, Dept.
International Studies
MDCC, Miami, Fl.