Turkey in Europe magazine launched

British citizens publish a magazine on Turkey

Anatolia News Agency

LONDON – A new magazine that aims to better acquaint Europe with Turkey was introduced Monday at the House of Commons in London. The magazine is run by a group of British citizens who support Turkey’s accession into the European Union.

Speaking at the introductory reception, the editor in chief of “Turkey in Europe,” Osman Streater, said more and more people in Europe were finally understanding Turkey’s significance. Another speaker, Edward Davey, shadow foreign secretary and a Liberal Democrat Parliament member, said he hoped the magazine would reach its goal of helping Turkey gain full membership in the EU.

According to Davey, the launch of the magazine was a key step in Turkey’s membership campaign. He added that Turkey was important for Europe in terms of economic, political and strategic reasons, and that its membership would send a clear message with historical significance that the EU is open to all religions.

The magazine’s first issue contains articles in support of Turkey’s EU membership by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Shadow Secretary of State for Defense Liam Fox of the Conservative Party and Minister for Europe at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Caroline Flint.

Turkish Ambassador to London Yiğit Alpogan, Turkish Consul General in London Bahadır Kaleli, former British Ambassador to Ankara David Logan attended the gathering.

Source: www.hurriyet.com.tr, May 16, 2009

Turkey in Europe magazine launched

by Fatih Cansiz

"Turkey In Europe"
"Turkey In Europe"

A NEW magazine aimed at promoting Turkey’s application to the EU was launched on Monday at a reception at the Houses of Parliament.

It was launched on behalf of the patrons of Turkey in Europe who are Michael Gove MP, Dr Denis MacShane MP and Graham Watson MEP.

Editor Osman Streater spoke about the first issue of the magazine which was established to bring international business together and to promote Turkish membership of the European Union. He added that Turkey in Europe magazine is independent of the Turkish and UK governments and funded by its members, allowing it to be an independent business-focused voice in support of Turkish membership.

Turkish Ambassador Mr Yigit Alpogan and Liberal Democrat MP Edward Davey were special guests at the event.

Mr  Davey spoke briefly about relations between Turkey and the European Union.

The magazine includes messages from politicians and will be published as a quarterly magazine to promote Turkey to key stakeholders in the EU, organise events in the UK, Brussels and Turkey, to promote Turkey’s EU membership and lobby for Turkish membership more generally.

Source:  www.londragazete.com, 14 May 2009

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  1. What’s the matter ANNA…Your century-old Armenian Dashnak world of lies upon the Christian Nations starting to show its numerous cracks, as its walls are about to collapse from the sheer weight of truth being focused upon it?!! The world shall soon rejoice as it tears away its shackels placed upon it by 100 years of shameless Armenian lies!! The truth shall set you free!!

    In reality ANNA, it is Europe that is slowly emerging from that century-old shadow of Armenian Dashnak deciet, as it finally begins to see that light of truth! You and your ilk just can’t deal with that, can you?!!

    All I can say to you is…Cry, bitch and moan all you want. But get over it fast and move on! Your ultimate defeat is within reach! 🙂


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