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    How irresponsible of the prime minister and the general staff! Indeed, it was the height of reckless ignorance. Now it’s zero friends and nothing but enemies for Turkey. And no way out. Due to its cheap thinking and small-minded bargaining, to say nothing about the destruction of the Turkish army, navy and air force, Turkey cannot even defend the borders that its politicians have erased. So a role in a broader plan? What plan? No role, in anything. How Turkey will recover from this domestic and international fiasco is beyond my understanding.

  • NSA spied on EU diplomats in Washington, NY and Brussels – report

    Not only European citizens, but also employees of the EU diplomatic missions in Washington and the UN were under electronic surveillance from the NSA, Der Spiegel magazine reports citing a document obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The German magazine claims to have taken a glance at parts of a “top secret” document, which reveals that […]

  • Belgium asks Turkey to watch for Belgians crossing into Syria

    “We are in close cooperation with Turkey on this issue and we have asked them for additional monitoring [of border crossings],” Joelle Milquet, Belgium’s deputy prime minister and interior minister, said during a radio interview on Saturday. Belgium has asked Turkey to help in its efforts to prevent Belgian nationals from illegally crossing into Syria […]

  • Belgium or Iran, Where’s The Nuclear Threat? Europe’s Five “Undeclared Nuclear Weapons States”

    Are Turkey, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy Nuclear Powers? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Region: Europe Theme: Militarization and WMD, US NATO War Agenda In-depth Report: Nuclear War [This article was originally published by Global Research  in February 2010 under the title: Europe’s Five “Undeclared Nuclear Weapons States” ] According to a recent report, former NATO Secretary-General George Robertson confirmed that Turkey possesses 40-90 […]

  • ITCCS : Why the Pope retired For Real

    ITCCS : Why the Pope retired For Real : Kevin Annett : European Governance issued an arrest warrant : and Closure and seizure of Vatican assetts : Here are all the notices and dates : Historic, Breaking News: Wednesday, February 12/13, 2013 Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, seizure of church wealth by Easter – […]

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