Turkey hijab ban distresses women

Turkey hijab ban distresses women

A large number of the hijab-wearing relatives, and in particular the wives, of the members of Turkey’s armed forces have lost their emotional balance because of the country’s ban on hijab, a report says.

School and university students wearing hijab in Turkey constitute the biggest front of the fight against hijab ban in public sector and educational places in the country, Turkey’s Moralhaber News Agency reported.

The hijab-wearing university students, in particular, hold daily gatherings in front of universities and try to materialize their rights through lawful means.

However, hijab-wearing relatives, especially the wives of the members of the armed forces, form another group.

A large number of these people have lost their emotional equilibrium due to a ban on wearing hijab, with many of them having committed suicide because of the tortures they have sustained.

Following the implementation of the hijab ban after the postmodern coup of February 28, 1997 in Turkey, many of these women have not been able to leave their homes merely because they are wearing hijab.

Many of them were also forced to commit suicide due to pressures of criticisms and censures from neighbors and others.

In addition, simply because of the fact that they wear hijab, they have been deprived of health care benefits in military hospitals and have been forced to sustain the pains and miseries from different illnesses.

(Source: Press TV)

via tehran times : Turkey hijab ban distresses women.

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