Turkey rallies rap hijab ban continuation

Women gather in front of Turkey’s Constitutional Court in Ankara to protest against a ban on wearing hijab at universities. (File photo)

Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:25AM GMT

People have held demonstrations in Istanbul as well as two other cities in southeastern and eastern Turkey to condemn the continuation of a ban, imposed by the Turkish government on hijab at schools.

The demonstrations were held in Istanbul, Malatya, and Diyarbakir on Monday.

Demonstrators called for freedom to wear hijab at schools and universities.

Protesters held placards reading, “Don’t touch my hijab,” “We will struggle until the ban on hijab is lifted,” and, “Oppression on scarf-wearing women continues.”

Women not wearing scarves also attended protests against the ban to express solidarity.

Turkey’s Education Ministry recently issued an order banning headscarves for schoolgirls.

The Turkish government does not allow headscarf-wearing schoolgirls to continue their education at educational centers.

Under the new order, only girls who study at religious schools are allowed to wear hijab.

This is while, only about 200,000 girls study at religious schools in Turkey, meaning that the new law forces some seven million girls across the country not to wear hijab at school.


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Turkey hijab ban distresses women

Turkey hijab ban distresses women

A large number of the hijab-wearing relatives, and in particular the wives, of the members of Turkey’s armed forces have lost their emotional balance because of the country’s ban on hijab, a report says.

School and university students wearing hijab in Turkey constitute the biggest front of the fight against hijab ban in public sector and educational places in the country, Turkey’s Moralhaber News Agency reported.

The hijab-wearing university students, in particular, hold daily gatherings in front of universities and try to materialize their rights through lawful means.

However, hijab-wearing relatives, especially the wives of the members of the armed forces, form another group.

A large number of these people have lost their emotional equilibrium due to a ban on wearing hijab, with many of them having committed suicide because of the tortures they have sustained.

Following the implementation of the hijab ban after the postmodern coup of February 28, 1997 in Turkey, many of these women have not been able to leave their homes merely because they are wearing hijab.

Many of them were also forced to commit suicide due to pressures of criticisms and censures from neighbors and others.

In addition, simply because of the fact that they wear hijab, they have been deprived of health care benefits in military hospitals and have been forced to sustain the pains and miseries from different illnesses.

(Source: Press TV)

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‘People to protest hijab ban in Turkey’

Turkish people are to protest against hijab ban.

People in Turkey are set to stage a demonstration in protest at the hijab ban in the country and related restrictions, a report says.

Members of non-governmental organizations have planned to hold a rally in the country’s northwest on April 30 to voice their anger over the ban on hijab, IRIB reported Saturday, citing a local Turkish news agency.

The rally will be reportedly organized by the Mazlum Association in the province of Kocaeli, with the aim of pushing for complete freedom of Islamic hijab in Turkey.

Apart from people and cultural associations in Kocaeli, people from other Turkish cities including Istanbul will also participate in the rally.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been in power for seven years, has failed to lift the ban on hijab.


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