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  • Turkey rallies rap hijab ban continuation

    Women gather in front of Turkey’s Constitutional Court in Ankara to protest against a ban on wearing hijab at universities. (File photo) Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:25AM GMT People have held demonstrations in Istanbul as well as two other cities in southeastern and eastern Turkey to condemn the continuation of […]

  • Turkey hijab ban distresses women

    Turkey hijab ban distresses women A large number of the hijab-wearing relatives, and in particular the wives, of the members of Turkey’s armed forces have lost their emotional balance because of the country’s ban on hijab, a report says. School and university students wearing hijab in Turkey constitute the biggest […]

  • ‘People to protest hijab ban in Turkey’

    Turkish people are to protest against hijab ban. People in Turkey are set to stage a demonstration in protest at the hijab ban in the country and related restrictions, a report says. Members of non-governmental organizations have planned to hold a rally in the country’s northwest on April 30 to […]