U.S. State Department strives to put Kyrgyzstan under control

14/11-2008 14:46, Bishkek – News Agency “24.kg”,

By Anton LYMAR

“Kyrgyzstan is located in the very heart of Central Asia, which makes it possible to influence Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and even China. To have this region under control is the main aim of the U.S. State Department’s current policy,” independent experts of the Russian media observer Russian Peacekeeper said.

Today Condoleezza Rice is the main idea generator in issues of the “Central Asian states’ domestication”. Here she has overbid even her teacher Zbigniew Brzezinski. Kyrgyzstan, in her eyes, is a key to settling all tensions in Central Asian region. If Kyrgyzstan is a ‘key’, it should be ‘kept in a pocket’. It is a long-studied method.

“It is enough to remember that before the ‘tulip revolution’ in Kyrgyzstan, staff of the U.S. embassy in Bishkek counted at least 30-40 persons. This number grew dramatically right before the revolution, and now counts up to 150 workers. It is strange why the United States has such a large-numbered diplomatic mission in a country, which is way far from the world leading states,” the experts wonder.

Source: eng.24.kg, 14-11-2008

2 Replies to “U.S. State Department strives to put Kyrgyzstan under control”

  1. Russia and Russian “Experts”,

    We all know your dirty political tricks like the US is trying to keep KG ‘in a pocket”. So what? You cannot let us as an important location and the fact that you cannot keep us in YOUR “pocket” go! Lame facts – the ones you provided. It is really stupid to say such about the US.


  2. Very strange United States has not been woken up from the dream of ruling the world. I think Mr.Bush and his uncle were dreaming to become The Solomon.

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