Could I get arrested for talking about the Armenian Genocide in Turkey?

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Irene Ols on Quora answered this question as follows:

I will answer as an Armenian American, who visited Turkey, No, you are quite safe but when you visit any new country, you want to avoid talking about touchy political subjects with complete strangers. Most Turks are extremely welcoming to Armenians and consider them “one of our own” ethnicities. There are nationalist Turks who post here on Quora but those are an extreme minority. Most people, upon learning that you are Armenian, would normally mention something like “I am very sorry to what happened to Armenians”, “We miss having the rich Armenian culture here”, “All the beautiful homes in Istanbul were built by Armenians and Greeks” etc etc. But of course, you also have to show a non-belligerent behavior and act friendly. You would get a non-friendly attitude if you are showing one yourself today, not because of history.

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