Our rivers are running dry


If one starts working backward from where the problem started, we can easily find a reasonable solution.

Our rivers are running dry. Why?

We must travel back to 1968ish to an Albany Kiwanis meeting.

Most primary rivers on our earth are running dry. How can oceans rise over our continents if fewer rivers feed them?

I was honored to introduce Governor Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller at Tuesday’s Meeting of the Albany, NY, Kiwanis Club Meeting.   He wanted to introduce a significant new program called the PURE WATERS AUTHORITY.

At that time, Albany was politically controlled by the O’Connell Democratic political machine, and only one person clapped after my introduction.

He started to see how beautiful the Hudson River was at the beginning in the Adirondack Mountain Range until it reached Glen Falls, New York. The pollution continued until it met the Atlantic Ocean in New York City. His enthusiasm spilled over into the audience, and he received a standing ovation when he finished!

It took 50 years to bring the polluters down to their knees, by environmental lawyer Robert F Kennedy Jr., but General Electric, under public pressure, finally gave in.

So, dear reader, we have a law tried and tested in some of the best courts on the land and a great river providing fishing, camping, water sports, and fresh drinking water to millions with minimal pollution.

The United Nations and the United States already propose a Pure Water Authority for the entire world. We could use the US Space Force to enforce the law, catch cheaters from outer space, and work with local authorities to bring criminals to justice.

Public opinion should be open to approval since it could improve world health and provide pure drinking water for everyone near a river.

The world’s nations could set up reservoirs to siphon off excess waters provided during rainy seasons to offset floods downstream.

The US Space Force could convince government leaders it is better for their lives the enforce the law despite local businesspersons’ objections.

Lessons learned from the Hudson River experiences should increase living standards for everyone.

Enacting the Pure Waters Authority should make citizens aware of their power and endorses more freedom for the individual, providing more governments to cooperate.

Stability supports peace among nations.

Global Warming could cause our oceans to shrink from evaporation and our rivers to dry.

The reason the Pacific Ocean is cleaner than the Atlantic is that it has less polluted rivers it. 

The Sahara Desert was a lush area to live in eons ago. Satellites have shown and confirmed by land geologists that there was once an ocean or sea in the middle fed by all kinds of tributaries. Could this have been where the Garden of Eve was?

The clans upriver built dams to protect their water rights, and during dry seasons  When the rain s finally came, it replenished the water in the dams but failed to serve the lower regions.

Water is a primary element that all humans need-period!

When the British Empire rules the seas. The sun never sits on English soil, and there was relatively world peace until WW I when the United States Entered on the English side.

The world has been in conflict ever since.

Here is the main problem; once solved, we could use it for other issues too.

One area has a severe drought, and the dam loses so much water that it is below 60% capacity. It may take years to refill, and more critically, the need for long-term rainfall to allow water to permeate into the earth to renew the water level of our aquifers and water tables, which have a drought.

More important is how much rain happened upstream to supply the dam.

Mega dams can cause mega problems that could last long term. A dam that provides a continuous flow of water downstream is most important, and this will bond populations once solid trust.

Billions now Trillions

The public has become accustomed to the phrases billions and trillions, but they have yet to learn what it means.

Try counting to a billion verbally. You will probably die before you finish.

There is only one way out. President Warren Harding had the right idea but the wrong team in 1920.

We can earn our way out of it- every man, woman, and child on the planet. No freebies.

The same goes for our rivers. Mega dams are not the answer, and once they dry up, the people downstream suffer economically, socially, and geologically, resulting in climate change, not controls.

Say hello to the Sahara Desert!  

Cheerio !!!

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