Letter to Harut Sassounian (California Courier)

Dear Mr. Sassounian!

Re: Prof. Auron Blasts Israel’s President For Calling ‘Armenian Genocide’ a Massacre, dtd. 10. February 2015

I really am sorry for you that you have to live through these rather frustrating times. Your terrorism (ASALA) didn’t work. Supporting the PKK lead to nothing.Your propaganda since 1958 seems to have failed miserably too. Depression is a fruit of frustration, and hopefully it doensn’t kill you.You might think that what doesn’t kill you, makes you strong! But don’t you worry, those who die early are dead longer.

Why do I think you must be frustrated? After the official refusal by the governments of Australia, Germany and the UK, you now have the State of Israel refusing to acknowledge your historical myth. Considering all your futile efforts in the so called centennial, it must not only be frustrating but hurtful and agonizing. Such bad luck! Yes, hard luck old chap.

If there was a grain of decency in you Sir, you would at least acknowledge and show sadnes about the indescriminate atrocities committed by Armenian armed forces in the 20th century
on innocent civilians in Kochali and other parts of Karabag.

You, Sir, have made a habit of labelling everyone who do not agree with your version of history as “Genocide Deniers”. Interesting also how you misuse the position of an Israeli academic who works for an Armenian University in Yerevan. I can imagine what could happen to him should he dare disagree with the Armenian version of the story! Even poor Hasan Cemal got his portion of Armenian fanaticism during a recent lecture in Armenia.

Mr. Sassounian; you are not the youngest anymore, do yourself a favour and get rid of your evil thoughts, because your thoughts become actions, your actions then become a habit, and your habits determine your character. What sort of heritage are you going to leave behind for future Armenian generations? At your age, I would think of that intensively and sincerely.

Kufi Seydali

Kufi Seydali