Al Qaeda cell discovered in Turkey

Turkish security forces have arrested 12 Al Qaeda suspects in Istanbul. Police say an investigation launched some time ago had led them to two cell houses near Istanbul, where they found what was described as serious amounts of explosives ready to be detonated. They also seized six laptop computers, rifles and guns. Police officials say the Al Qaeda cell was composed of eight Turks, two Chechen’s and two Azeris.

According to Turkish police the suspects had intended on bombing American and Israeli targets in the country. The reports said two of the targets on the list were the United States Embassy in Ankara and a synagogue in Istanbul.

Many in Turkey believe the recent uncovering of the Al Qaeda cell may lead to many more of the same nature in the future, as Turkey shares a 900 km border with Syria. Syria has been in unrest for 2 years as foreign backed militants wage war on Syrian President Baashar Al Assad. Some of the militants in Syria known as the Al Nusra front have pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda and its leader Ayman Zawahri.

Forensic examination of the six laptops and documents police obtained reveal that the cell was preparing to carry out attacks on popular Turkish television personalities, and a private museum in Istanbul.

Many in Turkey wonder what will become of the mass amount of weapons that are now in the hands of Al Qaeda-linked militants in Syria. Turkish nationals fear that the Syrian crisis will spill over on to Turkey’s soil. They believe that the recent developments involving Al Qaeda could be a sign of many more radical plots to come in their country in the future.

via PressTV – Al Qaeda cell discovered in Turkey.

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