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Seni özledik Atam, 10 Kasım

Her geçen yıl onu daha da iyi anlıyoruz

Her geçen yıl onu daha da özlüyor ve arıyoruz


(Turquie, tu dois Ataturk a dieu et le reste a Ataturk)

Daniel Dumoulin, Belçikalı yazar

Mustafa Kemal  Atatürk; komutan olarak tek bir askerini düşmana teslim etmemiş, askerini bozguna uğratmamış, dostunu, düşmanını aşağılamamış,  17  yıllık cephe hayatında tek bir yenilgiye uğramamış,  vatan ve  milleti için  sağlığını  feda etmekten kaçınmamış, şahsi çıkarı  olmaksızın  ülkesi için  devrim  yapan dünya tarihinin  önderi, Türk Milleti’nin The Rebirth of a Nation  olarak bilinen, 24 Temmuz 1923 tarihinde Lausanne (Lozan) Anlaşması ile   Batı’ya karşı zafer kazanan, Birinci Dünya  Savaşı’nın çıkardığı  önemli bir komutan, 20’nci yüzyılın önderi ve dünya tarihinin ender insanı (Man of Enlightenment),  İstanbul’un ikinci ve son fatihidir. Büyük önder Atatürk’ün liderliğindeki Türk Milleti; 20’nci yüzyilda  1776 da Amerikalılardan  sonra, Avrupa devletlerinin sömürgeci siyasetine  karşı duran ikinci millettir.

Dünya liderlerinin  ve ünlü kişilerin Atatürk için söylediklerini  10 Kasım’da O’nun aziz hatırasını hatırlayarak paylaşmak istiyorum.

“Ataturk was one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century”

 Bill CLINTON, ABD Başkanı

“The British will always remember with admiration and appreciation Ataturk’s qualities as a statesman and the contribution he has made to Western ideals and the promotion of friendly relations between our countries.”

Queen ELISABETH II, İngiltere Kraliçesi

 “We have a great deal to learn from Mustafa Kemal” (to André Malraux, the French Minister of Cultural Affairs).

Charles de GAULLE, Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı

Ataturk was a great national leader in times of war and peace. The Ataturk Centennial Year is as important event as the 1976 Bicentennial was for us”

Ronald REAGAN, ABD Başkanı.

“Without doubt, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is one of the greatest statesmen that during the 20. Century and before the war has ever arising; he has been a brave and great reformist that no other people have ever known”

Ben GURION, İsrail’in Kurucusu

“The genius of our century – centuries rarely produce a genius. Look at this bad luck of ours, that great genius of our era was granted to the Turkish nation”

 David Lloyd GEORGE, İngiltere Başbakanı

“Kemal Ataturk or Kemal Pasha by which name we knew him in those times, was my hero during my youth. I was very moved when I read about his great reforms. I met with great praise the general efforts made by Ataturk on the course of modernizing Turkey. His dynamism, undauntedness and unawareness of fatigue created a great effect on people. He was one of the builders of the modern age in the orient. I continue to be among his greatest admirers”

Jawaharlal NEHRU,  Hindistan’ın ilk Cumhurbaşkanı

 “We feel a great admiration for Ataturk in his efforts towards ensuring the modernization of Turkish society by separating religion and politics from each other and by carrying out the Turkish Language Reforms”

Hayato IKEDA, Japonya Cmhurbaşkanı

 “I obtained information concerning Mustafa Kemal from someone who knows him very well. When talking with Foreign Minister Litvinov of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, he said that in his opinion, the most valuable and interesting statesman in all of Europe does not live in Europe today, but beyond the Bosphorus, he lives in Ankara, and that this was the President of the Turkish Republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk”

Franklin D. ROOSEVELT, ABD Başkanı

«Devletimizin banisi ve milletimizin fedakar, sadik hadimi, insanlik idealinin asik ve mumtaz simasi, essiz kahraman Ataturk. Vatan sana minnettardir»

İsmet İNÖNÜ, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti’nin İkinci Cumhurbaşkanı

“Kemal Ataturk was moreover a great strategist and a tireless worker. He had tremendous ability to lead his people and to inspire their confidence. He is and will remain a guardian of the hopes and anspirations of the rising Turkish generations. In our times, it is Ataturk who brought Turkey to its current status as a modern republic with his farsighted and courageous political, social and economic reforms. At the same time, it was also he that prepared the foundation of the modern economy that will ensure today Turkey’s attaining the strength to be able to enter the European Economic Community”

Joseph LUNS, Hollanda Dışişleri Bakanı

“In the life of a nation it is very seldom that changes to such a radical degree were carried out in such a short period of time… Without a doubt, those who have done these extraordinary activities have earned the attributes of a great man in the complete sense of the word. And because of this, Turkey can be proud of itself”

Eleutherios VENIZELOS, Yunanistan Başbakanı (31 Ekim 1933)

«Ataturk war kein Revolutionaer, sondern ein wilder und brutaler Reformer und Diktator, der die Nation mit Fusstritt in das neue Jahrhundert gewalttaetig schob»

Gunter VERHEUGEN, AB’nin Genişlemeden Sorumlu Komisyon Başkanı Almanya

“Ataturk was one of the great men of this century. He stood for and strove to achieve in his lifetime what we in the United Nations are trying to do in the turbulent world of today”

 Kurt WALDHEIM, BM Genel Sekreteri

 “The name of Ataturk reminds people of the historical successes of one of the great individuals of this century, the leadership that gave inspiration to the Turkish nation, farsightedness in the understanding of the modern world and courage and power as a military leader. It is without a doubt that another example can t be shown indicating greater successes than the birth of the Turkish Republic and ever since then Ataturk s and Turkey s broad and deep reforms undertaken as well as the confidence of a nation in itself.I am proud to attend to the 25th Anniversary of the Memorial Ceremony of Ataturk s death. Ataturk reminds us of many things. The historical success of great leaders of this century, leadership that inspires the Turkish Nation, the supreme vision of the modern world, and as a soldier, high determination and bravery. The birth of the Turkish Nation from the ruins of a collapsing empire, New Turkey s declaration of its freedom and independance in honour and protecting it since then are the work of Ataturk and his Nation. There is no doubt that the revolutions he has carried out in his country shows how the trust of a nation brings success. There is no other example like this” 

John F. KENNEDY, ABD Başkanı  (10 Kasım 1963)

 “Some people regarded Ataturk as a dictator. I say this is wrong and such a thought will lead you on a wrong path. Although the term dictator is well suited to Hitler and Mussolini, actually there is no definition of a dictator. In this case, one may ask, why do you put Ataturk aside from this term.I have many reasons. First of all, Ataturk was leading a scientific study for the times that he would not exist. His intention was to develop a governmental and constitutional system that would operate after him. He never forced his people to believe in his vision. Instead, he tried to teach and explain his ideals to them. He had taken the decisive power of his nation from the Great National Assembly at the time of the War of Independence while he was planning the future with his friends. The members of the Assembly were elected by the people. The President was elected every four years and the Assembly had the power to rule as well as the power to pass laws. Ataturk s respect for the Great National Assembly is important. His main concern with the interior affairs was to create a living political organism with the capability to react promptly to situations that might arise”

Alexander Frederick DOUGLAS HOME, İngiltere Başbakanı

Okumaya devam et  Fetö’nün okulları imam-hatipe dönüştürülüyor

 “Mustafa Kemal was not a socialist. But it can be perceived that he is a good organizer, with great understanding, progressive, with good thoughts and an intelligent leader. He is carrying out a war of independence against those plunderers. I am believing that he will break the pride of the imperialists and that he will beat the Sultan together with his friends” (1921 )

Vladimir llyich LENIN, Rus Lider

“In connection with the permanent memorial facility for Kemal Ataturk, I take pride in presenting my congratulations to Turkey. Your great country that is advancing on the course that he demonstrated has obtained very significant successes. This ceremony that is being held to commemorate the memory of Ataturk, the architect of progress and Turkish unity, is a very appropriate respect to a person who became a source of inspiration to free peoples throughout the world”

Dwight D. EISENHOWER, ABD Başkanı

“The imdominable courage of Ataturk in battle and his great achievement in laying the foundations of the new Turkish state have continued to inspire people all over the world. Today, we stand shoulter to shoulter with our Turkish brothers in paying tribute to his memory”

Muhammad ZIA ul-HAQ, Pakistan Cumhurbaşkanı

“He united his nation’s forces despair into high hopes, and challenged destiny until he succeded in restoring to his national homeland its independence and sovereignty. To a stunned world, Ataturk demonstrated what a nation is capable of doing if it is prepared to choose death or enslavement. His immortal achievement will serve as a shining example and a source of inspiration for those who guide the destiny of the emerging and independent nations”

Habib ben Ali BOURGUIBA, Tunus Cumhurbaşkanı

 “The Czech nation along with the other nations of the world, remembers with deep esteem the memory of the faithful son of the Turkish nation, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, the experienced and towering statesman, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk”

Gustav HUSAK, Çekosyavakya Cumhurbaşkanı

“On 1O November, the entire world and we Germans as well, remember with praise the life and works of a person to whom we are attached with friendship and respect. Ataturk always tried to establish firm ties between Turkey and Europe”

Ludwig ERHARD, Almanya Başbakanı

“In my own name and on behalf of the Egyptian people, I have the pleasure of expressing sincere congratulations on the occasion of the Century of the birth of the great leader Kemal Ataturk who, under extreme difficult circumstances, secured for his poeople their liberty and independence”

Anwar El-SADAT, Mısır Cumhurbaşkanı

“Ataturk played a major part in furthering the cause of freedom and peace throughout the world”

Charles-Ferdinand NOTHOMB,  Belçika Dışişleri Bakanı

“At this moment, I share the deep sorrow of Turkey because of the loss of the great nationalist and great statesman who devoted all his life to the freedom of his country. His mission, both within blood and peace, will pass to all nations that are in sincere relation with the Turkish Nation. The French Nation feels sorrow for this loss that the Turkish Republic faces today”

Albert François LEBRUN, Fransa Başbakanı ve Cumhurbaşkanı

“The first republic in the Middle and Near East owes its existence to him. This Republic became a beacon for the war of independence of many a nation”

Nikita Sergejewitsch CHRUSCHTSCHOOW, Sovyetler Birliği’nin ilk Sekreteri

 “I am the child of a generation that knows closely Turkish-German friendship. At an early age I saw a man’s heroism’s, the services he carried out and the self-sacrifices he undertook for his country. This man was Mustafa Kemal. Today I comprehend even better that this person was a great statesman. He was great, because he used all his courage for his nation, his country to save his homeland at an unlucky moment. He was great, because he directed his nation towards the absolute necessity of adjusting them to the necessities of history. He was great, because he always knew how to defend suitable limits and he did not go beyond the limits that would put his work into danger. Courageousness and his own courageousness was intelligent enough as well to be able to draw the limits”

Kurt G. KIESINGER, Federal Almanya Cumhurbaşkanı

«Der grosse geniale Neuschopfer der jungen Turkei gab als erster ein wunderbares Vorbild fur die Erhebung»

Adolf HITLER, Almanya (Als Zeichen der Trauer um das verstorbene Staatsoberhaupt der turkischen Republik haben die Prasidialkanzlei des Fuhrers und Reichskanzlers, die Reichskanzlei, das Auswaertige Amt und der Reichstag ihre Dienstflaggen fur zwei Tage auf Halbmast gesetzt. Volkischer Beobachter. Nr. 316 vom 12.11.1938).

“Kemal Ataturk, as the founder of the Republic of Turkey, oriented the country toward of modernization, followed the policy of peace and national independence and exerted every effort to assure friendly relations, good neighborliness and cooperation between our nations and people”

Nicollae CEAUCESCU, Romanya Cumhurbaşkanı

«Turk bir anne ile Amerikali bir babanin kiziyim. Ama ne mutlu Turkum diyene. Cunku her seyden once ben Turk um ve bir Ataturk kiziyim. Ataturk olmasaydi, ben bugun burada olamazdim. Su anda sahip oldugumuz butun ozgurlukleri, keman calma ozgurlugumu, sizinle sohbet etme ozgurlugumu Ataturk e borcluyum. Muzigimle vatanima ve Ataturk e borcumu odemeye calisiyorum»

Canan Leslie ANDERSON. Sanatkar, Müzisyen Türkiye

«Ataturk, buyuk bir millet icin umudun bile tukendigi bir donemde; ‘Insaf ve merhamet dilenerek bagimsizlik korunamaz’ dusuncesiyle ortaya cikmis, milletini orgutlemis, buyuk bir bagimsizlik mucadelesi vermistir. Verdigimiz Kurtulus mucadelesi ayni zamanda antiemperyalist bir ozellige de sahiptir.
Ataturk, Turk milletinin icerisindeki bagımsizlik atesini yakmis, Canakkale Savasi’nin ardindan tum dunyaya bu milletin ayagina pranga, koluna kelepce, boynuna zincir vurulamayacagini tum dunyaya nihai olarak ilan etmistir»

Bülent ARINÇ, TBMM Başkanı

«Mustafa Kemal kimdir? Asker mi? Teskilatci mi? Devlet adamıi mi? Oncu mu?… Elbette bunların hepsi. Ama hepsinden önce bir mantik adami, tarihin akisinda rolu olan, icinden ciktigi Turk toplumunun kaderine damgasini vuracak ve cagin olaylarina yon verecek guclu, suphe goturmez tarihi bir sahsiyet, Mustafa Kemal, tarih icinde misyonu olan, bu misyonu benimseyen ve onu tahakkuk sahasina cikarabilen adam bir Tek Adamdı»

Şevket Süreyya AYDEMİR,  yazar (Tek Adam)

“Today, Turkey is a big and a new country. This new Turkey had found itself in the personality of Atatürk after the treachery, misery and the weariness of the war. He gave life to this new Turkey”

Vernon BARLETT, Parlamenter  İngiltere

 “Kemal Ataturk, a brillant soldier and politician who created modern secular Turkey”

 Michael BARONE, Siyastçi ve Yazar ABD

“The latest promoted and youngest general of WW I. Admirable military leader and revolutionar. His reversal of the Treaty of Sevres after the WW I is a remarkable diplomacy. No twentieth-cenrury general had ay better battlefield instincts, skill, or discipline, proving himself under fire at every level of command. And certainly none so adroitly mixed revolutionary politics with military vision”

Austin BAY, General ABD  (Ataturk: Lessons in Leadership from the Greatest General, 2011)

Okumaya devam et  İktidar ve cemaatin ortak olduğu zamanlarda FETÖ’yü bitirme isteği suçtu

«Man muss mehr unternehmen  als nur eine Revolution, hatte Mustafa Kemal zu Arif und Refet  auf dem Schiff gesagt, das sie von Konstantinopel nach Samsun brachte. Die Revolutionen verwandeln die existierenden Staaten. Die Turkei existiert noch nicht. Man muss sie erst schaffen. Am Ende seines Lebens konnte der Ghazi erklaren, dass er Wort gehalten hatte. Wieviele Manner in der Geschichte konnen das von sich behaupten?»

Pierre BENOIT MECHIN,  Tarihçi, Romancı Fransa (Mustafa Kemal. Begrunder der neuen Turkei. 1955)

 “It is an interesting experiment which Kemal Pasha is working out here. He is a Tuirkish George Washington, and irreverence to the father of our country to make this comparison. Kemal Pasha is a great man”

Colby M. CHESTER, Amiral ABD, (Chester Projesi)

“The flow of history has brought together the Ataturk Centennial and the process of rebirth in Turkey. We are witnessing the awaikening of a country and the Republic, which Ataturk had saved and founded. Horizons and hopes lie before us. It is a matter of conscience and an obligation to our country to draw the lessons from the bitter experiences that Turkey has gone through”

Şükrü ELEKDAG, Türk siyasetçi

“M. Kemal Ataturk, the great commander with extraordinary military carreer, an ardent nationalist, a soldier’s soldier with the instinct of a political infighter, was personally fearless in combat  and relentless in his ability to drive his troops to victory. His savage counterattacks on the Anzac beach head on April 25, 1015 catapulted him to international fame. His successful fighting withdrawal under immense ennemy pressure  in Palestine in 1918 was his final military achievement”

Edward J. ERICKSON,  Yarbay ABD  (Ordered to Die A History of the Ottoman Army in the First World War, 2001, s. 220)

“He looks like a great mountain. The ones living on its foot cannot see that greatness. In order to grasp the greatness of this mountain, one must look at it from far away”

Claude FARRER,  Yazar Fransa

“The Turks are a human cancer, a creeping agony in the flesh of the lands which they misgovern, rotting every fibre of life … I am glad that the Turk is to be called to a final account for his long record of infamy against humanity”

H.W.V. Temperley, Tarihçi İngiltere  (A History of the Peace Conference of Paris, 10  Kasım1914 (F.L. Stevenson. Through Terror to Triumph: Speeches and Pronouncemenents of the Right Hon. David Lloyd George, M.P., since the Beginning of the War, London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1915 s. 55)

“At the outset of the second century since his birth, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, stands as a triumphant and transcendentent figure. Saviour of his nation’s sovereignity. Undefeated commander. Pioneer of anticolonialism at home and abroad. Creator of a Republic. Transformer of the political, legal and socio-economic system. Cultural modernizer. Inspiration for education and the arts. Spell-binding orator. Advocate of fundamental freedoms and humain rights. Language reformer. Humanist and international peacemaker. Model for the leaders of emancipation and emerging nations. The hero of the twentieth century renaissance”

Talat Sait HALMAN, Kültür Bakanı

“It is necesary to explain the reality in the battlefields at Dardanelles. We are now trying to resist the brave Turkish Army, lead by a brave and clever commander”

Sir Ian Standish Monteith HAMILTON, General İngiltere  (Birinci Dünya Savaşı’nda  Gelibolu’ya çıkartma yapmaya çalışan fakat basarılı olamamıştır)

“He had created a new, fully independant Muslim nation in a world dominated by Christian powers; triumphed in a war presented as an islamic struggle against Western imperializm. While Ataturk’s vision of making Turkey a part of West was not fully realized, it is far from being a complete failure. There is no way and no use to compel the nation to return to the Ottoman time”

Şükrü HANİOĞLU,Profesör, Princeton University. (Ataturk, An Intellectual Biography,2011)

“The West and the East came face to face at the second class coastal town of Mudanya on a crooked road covered with dust on the hot Marmara coast. Despite the English flag ship “Iron-Duke’s” ash-colored deathly turrets that transported the Allied generals for negotiations with Ismet Pasha, the Westerners had come here to beg for peace, not to ask for peace or to dictate the conditions… These negotiations demonstrate the end of Europe’s dominance over Asia, because as everyone knows, Mustafa Kemal got rid of all the Greeks”

Ernest HEMINGWAY, Yazar (ABD)

“Under the guiding hands of Mustafa Kemal Pasha the Turks won their economic, financial, judicial, political  and military independance  from their amazing revival after 17 years of struggle and came out as the victor at the conference table of Lausanne on July 24, 1923, which marked the definite triumph of Turkish nation in the whole European history and, as the last peace treaty, at the end of WW I”

Harry N. HOWARD, Danışman ABD (The Partition of Turkey: A Diplomatic History 1913-1923)

 “At a time when we were a spark without a star, with his glance we became a sun illuminating the whole World”

Sir Muhammad IQBAL, Hintli filozof

 “It was in 1937 that Ataturk argued and asked me why I had refused to accept him as dictator. I answered him your dictatorship frees an enslaved people comparing other dictators tyranny enslave free people”

Ernest JACKH, Profesör ABD  (Columbia University. (The Rising Crescent. Turkey Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 1944  s.184)

 “The soldier in Ataturk saved his country, as no other man at that time could have done, the designs of the European powers against it, and thus changing the face of its history”

Patrick (Lord) KINROSS, Yazar İngiltere (Ataturk. A Biography of Mustafa Kemal, Father of Modern Turkey. 1964)

“Ataturk, the military triumpher, is the most successful revolutionary of the 20th century”

Stephen KINZER, Yazar ABD  (Crescent, and Star and Reset: Iran, Turkey and America’s Future)

“In 1918…Turkey was a defeated nation seemingly in irreparable collapse. Today, twenty years later, we see a nation on the borders of Europe and Asia, economically and culturally prosperous, once again important internationally, and profiting from peaceful relations with all its neighbors”

Gyula KORNIS,  Macaristan Parlamentosu Sözcüsü

 “The influence of Ataturk’s political and social ideas, and the accomplishments based on them has been felt not only in his own country but in others which gained their independence or undertaken to modernize their institutions in the years since the WW I. He is regarded as a great statesman in the world at large”

Frederick P. LATIMER Jr. Tarihçi ABD  (The Political Philosophy of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk)

“In a thousand years of the Middle Eastern history, there was no more famous name than his. Mustafa Kemal’s record has been judged not only by his own people but also by millions in other parts of the World”

Emil LENGYEL, Yazar Macaristan-ABD  (They Called Him Ataturk. Chapter IX, s. 189)

“Unlike so many national heroesMustafa Kemal Pasha had an exceptional conception of things extending far beyond the immediate military issue and was aware of fundamental changes in the whole structure of society and culture”

Bernard LEWIS, Yazar ABD (Prof. Emeritus Princeton University)

Okumaya devam et  ..Kadir var ya “Senin yalanını yüz kere ö*peyim!!!” 🙁

“Ataturk died in the service of the Turkish people. A seldom leader in the world history”

Sir Percy LORAINE, Diplomat İngiltere

“He was a military-statesman, one of the greatest leaders of our era. He ensured that Turkey got its rightful place among the most advanced nations. Also, he gave the feeling of support and self-confidence to the Turks, that forms the foundation stone of a nation’s greatness. I take great pride in being one of Ataturk’s loyal friends”

Douglas MacARTHUR, General  ABD  (During his visit in 1932 in Istanbul Ataturk should have prophesied him not only the time, 1941-1945, of the WW II, but also its outcome in bold lines. The Caucasus. 1955. Why the publication 10 years after the WW II? Ataturk has never humiliated anyone, quite unimaginable, specifically during the visit of his Prime Minister Ismet Inonu in Moscau in 1932. No indication about this prophesy at the MacArthur’s Memorial and Historical Center in Norfolk, Virginia)

“Ataturk was a competent commander, a shrewd politician, a statesman of supreme realism. But above all he was a man of the Enlightenment. And the Enlightenment was not made by saints”

Andrew MANGO, Yazar İngiltere (Ataturk 1999, Chaper 28. s. 528)

“The presence of that young and ingenious Turkish Leader at Dardanella was probably the most unfortunate occasion for the allied forces”

Alan McCrae MOORHEAD,  Yazar İngiltere  (Gallipoli. 1956)

«Ataturk hatte in den etwa anderthalb Jahrzehnten seiner Prasidentenschaft das Land so stark hinter sich gebracht, dass man ohne Ubertreibung sagen kann, bei seinem vorzeitigen Tode trauerte die gesamte Bevolkerung um ihn, nichts zuletzt ubrigens auch die Minoritaten, die sich unter ihm sicher und kaum mehr diskriminiert gefuhlt hatten»

Fritz NEUMARK, Öğretim Üyesi Alman (Finanzwissenschaftler. Prof. an der Universitat Istanbul und Frankfurt. Emigrant in der Turkei Zuflucht am Bosporus. 1952)

“Without him, we could not win the Independance War, but even without us he could win it anyway”

Hüseyin Rauf ORBAY  Siyasetçi

“A visionary stateman, burst on the sceneat a time when the Turks had lost faith in themselves, after the Ottoman Empire the sick man of Europe had crumbled and collapsed. Never lost sight of his untimate goal to unite the Turks and to create a modern state”

Nicole  Hugh POPE, Yazar (Turkey Unveiled. 1997. Ch. 4 Ataturk, Immortal Leader, s.51)

“The most dominent personality in the Turkish history with practical sense, always mindful of the need for a leader to think ahead. Wisdom was his great characteristic”

 Morgan Philips PRICE, Yazar (A History of Turkey. From Empire to Republic, 1956.  s. 135)

“Kemal Ataturk is one of the great figures of the 20th century”

Glenn REYNOLDS, Profesör, University of Tennessee

«Die Turkei ist eines der grossen Verdienste, dieses bedeutenden Staatsmannes, der sein Volk nach der Katastrophe des ersten Weltkrieges zu einer neuen nationalen Unabhängigkeit gebracht hat»

Ernst REUTER,  Siyasetçi Almanya  (DW Dokumente Ataturk in deutscher Sicht, 1982)

«In den 15 Jahren seiner Praesidentenschaft praegte Ataturk seinen eigenen Stil. Er war weder der kranke Mann, der sich auf Bajonette stutzt, der durch ein pronunciamento zur Macht gelangte politisierende General spanisch-sudamerikanischer Praegung, noch auch von der sozialistischen Massenbewegung herkommende Volkstribun wie Mussolini. Er unterschied sich von jeglichen Despoten, indem er, wie ein Hellseher, den Sinn fur Mass und Grenzen genau kannte»

Friedrich von RUMMEL, Diplomat Almanya   (Ataturk in deutscher Sicht. 1982)

“Schoolboys in Europe are at present taught in their lessons on contemporary history, that one of the victories of the Entente at the end of 1918 was the victory over Turkey. Now, the truth is, that if the victor is the country that gains everything in the treaty of piece at Lausanne, and the defeated are those who lose all the privileges they enjoyed in that country before the war, there is no doubt that it is Turkey which had won the war against us”

Count Carlo SFORZA, Dışişleri Bakanı İtalya  (Makers of Modern Europe. 1930 (s. 346)

“Ataturk s life and achievements will continue to be a source of inspiration not only for the Turkish nation but also for the free nations of the World”

Chiang-Kai SHEK, Miliyetçi Çin (Taiwan) Başkanı

 “But, of course, President Ataturk, I suppose was one of the early great generals and of course, it was partly his brilliance on the peninsula of Gallipoli that held the day and then he was very generous and magnaminous in victory and later, when President, said to those who came to visit the scene as a memorial that they had left their sons there and they were buried there and beautifully looked after but that Turkey regarded them as her sons now and they were all friends now and it is very remarkable that we are staunch allies now and in NATO together have kept the peace for forty years and we must continue to be staunch allies.The work of Ataturk as a great statesman and the founder of modernTurkey is wisely recognized in Britain. As Turkey’s first president he became a close and respected friend of Britain. We salute his memory and wish all fortune to Turkey and her people”

Margaret THETCHER, İngiltere Başbakanı  (Remarks arriving in Istanbul, 24 Nisan 1990)

“In the 1920s Kemal Ataturk put through what was perhaps as revolutionary a program as has ever been carried out in any country deliberately and systematically in so short a span of time. It was as in our Western world, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the secularist revolution at the end of the 17th century, the French revolution and the industrial revolution had all been telescoped into a single lifetime and been made compulsory by law. There were no concentration camps. And once the special tribunals had been disbanded, there were no show trials, no purges that exiled or murdered hundreds of thousands of people”

Arnold TOYNBEE, Tarihçi Yazar İngiltere

I do hereby proclaim October 29, 2011 as Turkish Republic Day in Ottawa. Je proclame par la presente le 29 octobre 2011 Journee de la Republique turque a Ottawa»

Jim WATSON, Ottawa Belediye Başkanı Kanada

“During the time of Ataturk Turkey was the only country of the revolutionary world with no political prisoners or exiles. (p. 112)The first time in history the Turkish bond issue has been accepted without a guarantee. (p.136). The shape of his life has had a single content: His dream of Turkey. A leader par excellence) (p. 151)”

Donald Everett WEBSTER, ABD’nin Türkiye’deki ilk Kültür Ataşesi  (The Turkey of Ataturk. Social Process in the Turkish Reformation 1939)

«Ataturk war einer der wahrhaft bedeutenden Staatsmanner unseres Jahrhunderts. Seine brennende Liebe zum Vaterland liess ihn unermudlich fur Unabhangigkeit und Integritat der Turkei zu kampfen»

Richard von WEIZSAECKER,   Bundesrepublik Deutschland  Başkanı

“Mustafa Kemal is not only creator of modern Turkey, not only a military commandor, but a far-reaching diplomat against the Western Powers”

Charles WOOD, Gazeteci (Mustafa Kemal Pasha. His Career, Power and Achievements. Fortnightly Review. Vol. CXXII. Jul-Dec 1927)




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