Greetings to you all from India

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Turkish Forum Advisory Board Member Ms. Unver has a letter from India.

bircan unver india

Greetings to you all from India,

Today, as of January 19; I gave 2 lectures to different Secondary and High School students in Rajsamand, introduced The Light Millennium Global, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, J.U.C. Awards, Water Action Decade.

SDG-6, and Gandhi’s philosophy and vision on nonviolence, along with our collaboration with the Anuvrat (Anuvibha) Global Organization and UNDGC associations.

Tomr. morning, I will leave of the Children Peace Palace here to Ahmedabad, from there to Chennai. I would like to thank with full heartily to Dr. S.L. Gandhi, Arvind Vora and Sanchay Jain for the kindest invitation, which turned out one of the best experiences that I had have so far in India.

The visited schools are:

1. Bal Niketan Gandhi Seva Sadan (E.M) School (300 students);

2. Pragati Secondary School (approx 70 students).

I also thank to my translator; Monica, Tanisha (who took the photos) and Lehru and Jagdish; along with to the principles and teachers of the each school.

Bircan Unver

bircan unver with indian students

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