Is Urartu Armenian in origin?

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No, the Urartu, probably the source of the biblical placeholder Ararat, despite sharing an anachronistic geographical overlap with the Armenians, are not related to them. The Urartu had a written language in cuneiform script and that language is not Indo-European, the group Armenian is in, or Semitic or Sumerian-related. After long time belief that it is a language isolate or at best had been related to some proto-Caucasian, as a result of coincidence, it has lately been detected as closely resembling the highly complex North Caucasian language Chechen, widely spoken today in Chechnya, Ingushetia and Daghestan.

urartu armenian caucasian language mehmet kusman

Mr. Mehmet Kushman, an ethnic Chechen Turkish national, who convinced the archeological group after seeing them transliterate cuneiform to give it a go at modern Chechen language. After striking similarities detected between the two, the security guard dedicated his life to learning cuneiform, Assyrian and Urartu language and became one of the leading experts in Urartu culture. He is the carbon Rosetta stone of Urartu inscriptions.

Kutluk Ozguven on Quora

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