Why didn’t Russia conquer Constantinople?

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Why didn’t Russia try to conquer Constantinople and surrounding territories after the Ottoman Empire collapsed?

During the 1768 — 1774 Russian Ottoman war , Russia was close to conquer the Ottoman Empire

battleofchesme cesme
Battle of Chesme
Ali Bey al Kabir
Ali Bey al Kabir

Russia conquered Crimea and kicked the Ottomans out , defeated them in Caucasus , and totally destroyed the Ottoman navy in 1770 during the battle of Chesme

a revolt occurred in Greece and Russia formed an alliance with the Mamluk of Egypt Ali Bey al Kabir who kicked the Ottomans out of Egypt and marched towards Syria with Russian support

Russia bombed and occupied Beirut , at that time the Ottoman Empire lost all of it’s Arab provinces as Iraq was ruled by Kulmnd Mamluks and Syria was falling as well , Russia had the Ottomans on their knees , but Britain , Austria and Prussia saved the Ottomans and prevented Russia from conquering Constantinople

Russia tried again in 1791 and 1878 and was too close but the Western powers feared a very powerful Russia.

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