Letter of European Rabbis

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A group of 50 senior leading European Rabbis have signed a joint letter condemning the leaders of Armenia for using holocaust rhetoric in its campaign against its neighbor, Azerbaijan.

hahamlar rabbis

B.S.D. Brussels, September 6, 2023

Mr. Yitzhak Herzog, President of the State of Israel, Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Dear Mr. President,

As rabbis serving the Jewish communities across the European continent, we are writing to you following interviews given by senior Armenian government officials in the international media on matters related to the political conflict with the government of Azerbaijan. They employed the language and comparisons that are appropriate solely to describe the deliberate, systematic and largest genocide in the history of mankind, which the Jewish people have been subjected to: The Holocaust.

During WWII the Jewish people were persecuted, murdered, butchered, burned, tortured, drowned and buried alive. The Holocaust was not limited to a single place but occurred throughout almost the entire European continent and with the collaboration of too many nations.

Such words as “ghetto”, “genocide”, “Holocaust” and the like in no uncertain terms inappropriate to be part of the jargon used in any kind of political disagreement. Usage of these terms belittles the terrible suffering experienced by the Holocaust victims and the entire Jewish people, which still bears the indescribable pain of the largest tragedy ever experienced by a single group.
We call upon you to explicitly and unequivocally clarify to the Government of Armenia and all other countries that they should recognize and respect the terrible human suffering endured by the Jewish. We urge you to make them aware that the practice of minimizing and downplaying the suffering of the Jewish people for furthering any political agenda through the continued use of Holocaust-related phrases should be ceased immediately and completely.


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