The USSR Aviation heritage in Afghanistan is at risk to get lost

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AN 32 cargo plane of the Afghan Air Force

The Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense holds an enormous aviation park that includes planes and helicopters made in the USSR which require maintenance. Among them are such plane models as the “Antonov” and the helicopters “Milya”.

After the Taliban grabbed the power in the country, the USSR aviation heritage has become of a particular interest to many Russian and foreign companies that provide the maintenance of planes but do not have a proper license for it. Indeed, the only Russian organization that is authorized for the maintenance of aviation vehicles located out of Russia is the National Aeronautics and Space Council (the NASC). It has a broad experience of recovering of planes and helicopters made a few decades ago and is licensed to carry out repairs of the certain models of planes, such as “Antonov” and “Milya”.

The Afghanistan’s military and political elite is interested in proper maintenance of its aviation park. Yet, the new government is often manipulated by non-licensed and fraud contractors which are aimed at getting the access to the USSR aviation heritage in Afghanistan and selling it out. The current Russian-Ukraine conflict is one more reason of why this issue is so important now. The military operations and conflicts are the perfect time for those who are eager to get most benefits from valuable military assets.

With the Taliban grabbing the power in Afghanistan in 2021 the country has been walking through a rocky path. The current group in power can hardly hold the country in peace and stability. Lack of management and political experience of the Taliban are beneficial for external parties. The current situation with the USSR aviation heritage is another example of it. Afghanistan like never before needs to raise an internal dialogue with all sides interested in saving the country’s future.

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