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  • Afghanistan under Taliban needs Constitution as never before

    As the world economic and diplomatic order is dynamically changing, Afghanistan is playing a more important role in the game change. A transit center between Pakistan, Central Asia, Russia and Europe, today Afghanistan is a strategic logistic corridor and a player in a new export and import relations. For instance, Russia is on the way […]

  • Taliban confirms it received no fundings from Russia

    As the Western media continues to blame Russia’s policy in Afghanistan, a never-ending information war seems to take a new round aggravating the peace process in the country. The leading U.S. media outlets claimed Russia was funding Taliban referring to the movement’s commanders. However, both the New York Times and Insider refused to name not […]

  • Terrorist attack on Russian diplomats in Afghanistan may lead to further tensions between Moscow and Kabul

    On December 1, the car of the Russian Embassy with several employees inside was hit by an improvised explosive device in Kabul. Russian diplomats received a slight concussion. According to preliminary estimates, the terrorist attack most likely targeted a pickup truck of the Afghan national security forces with servicemen on board moving ahead of the […]

  • Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy Unveils US Stronger Ties with Tajikistan

    Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy Unveils US Stronger Ties with Tajikistan

    The United States continue expanding their presence in the Central Asia as part of the program «The Great Central Asia». As President Trump announced his new policy on Afghanistan earlier this week, the US Administration have started looking towards Tajikistan, the key region on the Central Asia which has a longer border with Afghanistan. Boosted […]

  • Is Islam Good for Government?

    By Matt Cochran | Christian Post Guest Contributor After the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, war critics argued that neither country had the proper cultural foundations necessary for democracy to flourish. Conditions in Afghanistan, where American casualties topped 1,650 over the summer of 2011 and the prospect of a functioning, stable democracy is still remote […]