Inflation is coming back

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Inflation on the rise

By jumping onto the green machine too quickly at the expense of world oil, the Biden Administration has sown its old disastrous defeat.

These communists/democrats are miminking  V. Putin of Russia, who has jailed Alexie Navalny for 20 years, and are trying the same feat with Donald Trump.

The problem is these politicians think they know the law.

Here is the big problem: There is no quick fix for Biden.

The price of Diesel fuel has gone over the $4.00 threshold. There are only a few distilleries that can convert oil to diesel fuel. Trains, truckers, and airplanes use diesel. That raises the cost of everything.

Now, to add more logs to the unwanted wind, the Panama Canal is in big trouble, and it is not China’s fault. It is the weather. ‘They have had a severe drought of over three years. The Lake that supplies water for the canals is running low. The Lake has to reduce the water it provides to the channel.

Heavy-laden ships displace too much water, meaning they can not cross a crowded canal with other ships. The result is that the canal usually ferries 42 vessels a day through their waterways. It is now down to 32. Traditionally, 90 ships are waiting to go through, but now the figure 130. Ant if rain, thanks to El Nino, does not come in the next three months, the canal will have to go to a one-year restrictive plan.

Just think of the added expense of fueling [the stationary ships and feeding their crews. Honestly, It raises the cost of the goods they are carrying.

All of these factors lead to higher inflation. Unless our administration does not change its venu, higher interest rates are not the correct answer under normal circumstances. These healthy perishable produce items do not have a long shelf life.

The solution to our problem is to shop and add to the kitchen can goods and paper items. When prices rise, we will have needed funds for perishable produce items that are good for one’s overall health.

Larry Kudlow has often said the solution in his Fox TV show is DRILL BABY, DRILL.


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