Why does Pakistan love Turkey?

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This is the father of Pakistan: Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

And this here is his bedside book which he has carried throughout his life with himself and read many times: Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf

I think this must explain many things about Pakistan and Turkey relations.

Actually, it’s not only restricted to Pakistanis but also most of the Indian Muslims have historically very much positive attitude for Turkey in comparison to any of the other Muslim majority nations such as Saudi Arabia or Iran. This has many historical reasons which came until today in a chain reaction, but let’s just end it here inside of the nation-building history.

The last example:

Abdurrahman Peşaveri

Abdurrahman Pesaveri

A Kashmiri Pashtun, who came during the Balkan wars to help as a young man for the Ottoman army, became a high ranking officer later and was named after the Independence war led from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk the first director of the Turkish Anadolu Agency, the state news outlet of the new founded Republic of Turkey.

He was called “Lala Turki” (Turkish Brother) or “Çaça Turki” (Turkish Uncle) among the Turks. And just like him, hundreds of others have arrived to help the Turkish army during the Balkan wars, First World war, and Independence war of Turkey, or sent their precious belongings in fundraising actions to the Ottoman Empire or the newly founded Turkey. Since then, and especially after the establishment of Pakistan, their relations became extraordinary which lasts until today.

Agar Usmaniyon Par Koh-E-Gham Toota To Kya Gham Hai

Ke Khoon-E-Sad Hazar Anjum Se Hoti Hai Sahar Paida

If a mountain of grief collapsed upon the Ottomans, then why lament?

For the dawn arises from the blood of a hundred thousand stars.

-Allama Iqbal-

Alexei Yahontov

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