What does Erdogan’s win mean for the world?

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was declared the winner of the presidential election. What does it mean for the world?

Arshad Khan, a new resident of Istanbul from International Islamic University, Malaysia answers this question as follows:

Victory of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan means different to different leaders and countries


America: Not an easy ally who bow down to their tune, tough time to deal with unless Trump is incharge

NATO: Dependable ally, second largest military with good relations against projected enemies

Sweden: Difficult road ahead to get in NATO

Europe: Alternative to China to smaller extent with whom they want to lessen their dependency. will not be dancing to their tune on false promises of Entry to european Union. They will gear up trying to be good friends after trying desperately to not get him elected.

Turkic states: Good news, they can play a unified major role

UAE & Saudia: continuation of newly developed friendship, can be a reliable partner against western bullying.

Qatar & Azerbiajan: Big Brother victory which to be celebrated by whole country

China: can continue working on BRI and silk route revival. trustable and important route for their export markets

Russia & Iran: Happiest, will make Turkey the HUB of energy for supplying to west without sanctions

Iraq: can proceed further on development of Highway from Basra to Europe via Turkey

Syria: will try to ally by asking more concession but will get realigned from pressure of Russia and Iran

Afganistan & pakistan: Dreamland of Ertugrul gazi and revival of ottoman empire.

Africa: happiest and want to continue the trade and business and develop it multifold.

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