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 Vladimir Putin’s days as Russia’s leader are very few.

Russia is in deep trouble because of him. He dates back to Josef Stalin.

For almost a decade in the 1930s, Stalin had his despised purges that plundered the freedom-thinking population into zombies. Anyone left died during WW II.

Communism has little regard for human life.

After the war, it got even worse with his Secret Service which Vladimir was the star performer.

Instead of taking Russia forward into the 21st century, he has leapfrogged backward into the 1930s.

Today Russia is just a gas station. Alcoholism is rampant, and women are highly suspected when entering a foreign country because of many diseases.

President Trump treated him as a Second Lieutenant in the arm services, and he obeyed. “Don’t embarrass me, I won’t you- Understand?” He agreed, and we had peace- except our Congress kept putting the lid on him.

When Trump was president, that was the time to expand peaceful business enterprises that employed the citizens’ endeavors.

I have taken a “cab ride” across Russia by railroad on the internet. Russia is a beautiful country with all sorts of potential, from mining to exploring lakefront villages for vacations. Imagine ski resorts and lakeshore areas with all kinds of family fun.

All the government has to do is stand back and watch as its economy expands and provides miscellaneous income.

Under Obama, Putin annexed Crimean without one nation objecting. No one objected when Hitler “took back” the Rhineland with 22,000 troops in violation of the Versailles Treaty. If one soldier had fired just one shot, the German High command would dispose of Hitler. Instead, the Generals accepted Hitler as their leader since there were no causalities. Germany was expanding without casualties.

When Biden capitulated in Afghanistan, leaving tons of secret military hardware against us in future engagements, Putin saw his opportunity for further expansion with little effort.


Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Ukraine is a freedom-loving democracy with all kinds of politicians.

They fought back, and thanks to Trump’s policies concerning NATO, they had backers that would support Ukraine.

General Douglas MacArthur Paraphrased- was correct when he said democracy will always outlast a dictatorship in battles once the field commanders are removed or killed in action because no one wants to assume command. In a democracy, a command is a token of respect and achievement – not a death warrant.

Russian soldiers were poorly trained and did not know how to drive a tank, as one could see them crashing into each other during battle. They are useless against drones who bomb a turret almost to perfection.

No supply lines left tanks open to attack from drones. Living in a tank without proper food or water for days can be demoralizing.

Please forget about the media about China. China would love to take back Vladivostok, which they lost over 100 years ago. Ha Ha.

Estonia just held an election. Estonia borders Russia and Ukraine. Guess what?

A Lady Tiger, Kaja Kallas, was elected Prime Minister, and with her coalition, she now controls 70 seats in a 101-seat parliament. She has been a constant critic of Putin.

Mysteriously Russian supply depots are catching on fire.

Riots in mass in many cities with the police are just watching. Riots are a severe threat and flaw to any dictatorship.

A few years ago, through a Deutsche Bank branch in Moscow and London, V. Putin sold one million shares of Gazprom in Russia and at the same time bought one million shares on the London Stock Exchange at the same equivalent price. He converted his Russian Ruble into the English Pound at total commissions. It cost Deutsche bank dearly as its stock sold for over 100 Euros; today, it is 11.91 USD.

Imagine what Vladimir did with these funds. If he opened a Swiss bank account, what would happen?

The Swiss are contemplating or have frozen all Russian bank accounts. OMG!!!!

The Russians need more supplies for long-term battles: tanks, ammunition, food, and, most important, men. Russians are immigrating to other countries by the thousands, and it already has a declining population.

Putin has been playing musical chairs, and he now finds out that when the music stops, there are no chairs!

Cheerio !!!


Richard C De Graff

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