Facts not reported by the media re Turkiye earthquake

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To the attention of all reporting journalists:

AKP tries to politicise the aid efforts rather than ensuring that it is delivered speedily!
Accounts given below are by volunteers.

These are scandalous incidents from yesterday:

1: Adana . The local council got together food aid. The local AKP governor attempted to stop the food shipments by insisting that AKP logos were put on the boxes.
This was refused and the crowd sent the “AKP “ officials packing.

Also AKP officials insisted that the food aid (tents serving soup for 5000 people) provided by the Municipal Authority can not be distributed unless the tents have signs of Adana Belediye WERE REMOVED and replaced by State logos!

2: Bodrum: identical as Adana:
The Mayor got together huge amounts of aid for the earthquake zone. AKP officials tried to stop it from being delivered.

The foreign media seemingly are unaware of these facts as the media is usually controlled by the President. It is a well known fact that the Government does not like non AKP controlled Municipal administrations and tries to curtail their activities for fear of losing votes!

This inhumane and politically designed interference into the aid effort by volunteers with the organisation of local administration needs to be urgently reported by all international media.

Betula Nelson

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