Turkish Kirpis head to front

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Turkish armored vehicles head to front in the Donbass | Military Mind | TVP World

BMC Kirpi (Turkish for “Hedgehog”) is a Turkish made Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle manufactured by BMC. Kirpi provides significant protection against mine and ballistic threats. It combines standard and add-on armor providing protection against ballistic threats while its V-shape underbody and monocoque allows it to protect the personnel inside from land mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

BMC Kirpi is a heavy armored troop carrier and its primary objective is to transfer personnel from one place to another while protecting them against all kind of threats. However, it can receive different operational roles by being equipped with required mission equipment.

Used in:

2012 Syrian-Turkish border clashes
Turkey-ISIL conflict
Libyan Civil War
2019 Turkish offensive into north-eastern Syria
2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

Eurosatory BMC trucks kirpi

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