CHRONOLOGIE – Armenian Issue

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“The Armenian issue, which aims at meeting the economic interests of the capitalist world rather than bearing in mind the veritable interests of the Armenians themselves was best resolved with the Kars Agreement. The friendly ties between two industrious people coexisting peacefully for centuries have been satisfactorily established anew.”

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

1.3.1922, Inaugural Speech of the 3rd Year of Session of the TGNA


1022Basileios II annexed Armenian territories in the Byzantine Empire and 40.000 Armenians were deported to Anatolia.
1046The Armenian sovereigns were killed by Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX.
1054Seljukian Sultan Tugrul Bey gave the Armenians autonomy.
1098The Armenians collaborated with the Crusaders.
1461Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror invited Armenian Bishop Hovakim to Istanbul and he was honoured by the title of “Patriarch”. Later some privileges were given to the Armenians.
1790The First official Armenian school was opened by two Armenians Amira Miricanyan and Shnork Migirdic, in Istanbul, at Kumkapi.
1823The Bezciyan School was founded by an Armenian called Artin Bezciyan in Istanbul, Kumkapi.
1824Patriarch Karabet has taken Armenian Grammar School Kumpkapi under his protection.
1853(October, 22) Armenian Commission of Education was founded.
1876The Ottoman Assembly accepted the first Armenian deputies.
1877(December, 7) Armenian National Council decided on forcing their people to join the Army and fight.
1878(April, 13) The Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul, Nerses has sent a note to British Secretary of Foreign Affairs saying that they would not live together with the Turks any longer.(July, 13) The Treaty of Berlin was signed. Article 61 about the Ottoman Armenians was added to the treaty.(August, 3) The British Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lord Salisbury sent an instruction to the British Ambassador Layard and informed him that the Ottoman Government should begin making reforms in the Eastern Anatolia.
1890(June, 20) Revolt of Erzurum(July) Kumkapi DemonstrationFirst Sason Revolt
1892 – 1893Merzifon, Kayseri and Yozgat Revolts
1895(September, 30) Sublime Porte (Government’s Gate) Event in Istanbul.(November) The Armenian attempt for a revolt in Maras.
1896(October, 30) Armenian Uprising in Istanbul(June, 1) First Van Revolt(August, 26) Raid of the Ottoman Bank
1902Armenian philologist H. Acaryan published a book called “The Effects of Turkish Language on Armenian Language and The Turkish Words in Armenian”.
1904Second Sason Revolt
1905(July, 1921) The Assassination attempt against Sultan Abdulhamid II in Yildiz Mosque.
1908Armenian newspaper “Jamanak” was statrted to be published.Second National Council has opened and some of the Armenian Committee members were elected deputies.
1909(April, 14) Armenian Revolt in Adana.
1915(April, 15) Second Van Revolt(April, 24) Armenian Committees working against the Ottoman Government were closed. The 2345 members of those committees were arrested.(May, 3) Armenian Massacres in Van.(May, 27) The Law of Relocation was passed.
1918(February, 1) Armenian secret society member Arshak committed massacres in Bayburt.(April, 25) Armenian militants killed 750 Muslims in Subatan village of Kars City.(May, 1) An Armenian militant named Arshak killed 60 Muslims including children in Kars City.
1919(November, 20) Two Armenian high category bureaucrats of the Ottoman government, Bogos Nubar Pasha and Sherif Pasha signed Armenian-Kurd independence document.
1920(January, 12) An Armenian mounted unit has tortured Muslims in the Arapdar village of Antep City.(December, 2) Treaty of Gumru was signed.
1921(March, 15) An Armenian terrorist assassinated Talat Pasha in Berlin.(March, 16) The Moscow Treaty was signed.(March, 18) Misak Torlakyan killed the Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, Cevanshir Han, in Istanbul.(October, 13) Kars Agreement was signed.(December, 6) Armenians killed Sait Halim Pasha in Rome.
1922(July, 22) Cemal Pasha was killed by Armenians, in Tbilisi.
1923Armenian Munib Boya entered the Turkish National Assembly as a deputy.(June, 24) The Lausanne Treaty was signed.
1934Franz Werfel published his novel “Forty Days in Musa Mountain” in USA.
1935(December, 15) In Pangalti church an Armenian Group burned Werfel’s novel “Forty Days in Musa Mountain” declaring that book “utters maliciously false statements about the Turkish Nation”.
1936After the publication of Franz Werfel’s “Forty Days in Musa Mountain” in France, it caused a lot of reactions in the Turkish press.
1937Cevat Rıfat Atilhan, “Musa Dağı” adında kitap yazarak, Franz Werfel’in eserinin gerçekleri yansıtmadığını bildirdi.Werfel’in, “Musa Dağ’da Kırk Gün” adlı eserinin filme alınmasının engellenmesi, ABD Dışişleri Bakanlığı nezdinde gündeme geldi.
1943Armenian Berc Türker Keresteci entered the Turkish National Assembly as a deputy from Afyonkarahisar.
1957Migirdich Shellefyan was elected as a deputy from Istanbul in the 27 October elections.
1964(December 24) The Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kypriano applied to UN Council of Security to get the approval of  “the Armenian Issue” against Turkey.
1965(April 24) Armenians had organised a demonstration against Turkey, in San Paulo, Brazil.
1969(April 24) Armenians made a demonstration in front of the Turkish Embassy in London.
1973(January 27) An Armenian terrorist, Migirdic Yanikyan killed Mehmet Baydar, Turkish Consul General for Los Angeles and his assistant Bahadir Demir.
1975(January 20) ASALA was founded.(October 22) The Turkish Ambassador in Vienne Danis Tunaligil was killed by Armenian terrorists.(October 24) The Turkish Ambassador in Paris Ismail Erez and a police officer Talip Yener were killed by Armenian terrorists.
1976(February 16) The First Secretary of Turkish Embassy in Beirut Oktay Cerit was killed by the Armenian terrorists.(May 28) Turkish diplomatic bureau in Zurich was bombed. An Armenian called Noubar Soufoyan was arrested and condemned to 15 years in prison.
1977(May 29) Istanbul Yesilkoy Airport and Sirkeci Station were bombed. Four people died and 31 people were injured. The attacks were undertaken by the “Extreme Armenian Movement Groups”.(June 9) The Turkish Ambassador in Vatican Taha Carim was killed by the Armenians.
1978(January 3) The Turkish Embassy in Brussels was bombed. The attack was undertaken by “Armenian New Resistance Organisation”.(June 2) In Madrid, the Turkish Ambassador Zeki Kunaralp’s wife Necla Kunaralp and the ex Ambassador Besir Balcioglu were killed by the Armenians.(July 8) In Paris, the Turkish Diplomatic Bureau and the Tourism Bureau were bombed. The attacks were undertaken by the “Armenian Genocide Justice Committee”(August 6) Turkish General Consulate for Geneva was bombed. The attacks were undertaken by the “The Armenian New Resistance Organisation”.(December 17) The Geneva Bureau of Turkish Airlines was bombed by ASALA.
1979(April 15) The Greek government approved “The Monument of Armenian Revenge” to be erected in Nea Simirna Square in Athens.(August 22) Assistant Consul Niyazi Adali in Geneva was assassinated by ASALA, in attack three other people were killed.(August 27) Turkish Airlines Bureau in Frankfurt was bombed by ASALA.(October 4) Turkish Airlines Bureau in Copenhagen was bombed by ASALA.(October 12) The son of Ozdemir Benler, the Turkish Ambassador in Amsterdam, Ahmet Benler was killed in La Hague.(December 22) The Tourism Counsellor of Paris Embassy Yilmaz Copan was killed by Armenians.
1980(January 10) ASALA bombed Turkish Airlines’ Bureau in Tehran.(February 6) Ambassador Dogan Turkmen was injured in an armed attack in Bern.(March 10) Armenian terrorists bombed the Turkish Airlines Bureau in Rome. Two Italians died; 14 Italians injured.(April 8) During meeting in Sayda, ASALA declared the Kurds as their blood brothers by claiming there were resemblances between the two communities.(April 17) The Turkish Ambassador in Vatican Vecdi Turel was attacked by the Armenians, and his police officer Tahsin Guvenc was injured.(April 19) ASALA attacked the Turkish Consulate in Marseille.(June 31) The Turkish Administrative Attaché Galip Ozmen and his daughter Neslihan Ozmen were killed by the Armenian terrorists. (August 5) The Turkish Consulate in Lyon was stormed by the Armenian terrorists and Kadir Atilgan, Ramazan Sefer, Kavas Bozdag and Huseyin Toprak were killed.(September 26) Turkish Press Attaché in Paris Selcuk Bakkalbasi was attacked by the Armenians and he was badly injured.(November 10) ASALA attacked to Turkish Consulate in Strasbourg.(December 17) Turkish Ambassador in Sidney, Sarik Arkyan and his police officer Engin Saver were killed.
1981(January 13) Armenian terrorists had put a bomb into the car of Ahmet Erbeyli Counselor of Finance in Paris Embassy. He survived by chance.(March 4) The Administrative counsellor of Turkish Embassy in Paris, Resat Morali and imam Tecelli Ari were killed by the Armenians.(April 3) The Armenians shot Cavit Demir the administrative counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen; he was luckily survived with injuries.(June 9) The Secretary of the Turkish Embassy in Geneva Mehmet S. Yerguz was killed by ASALA.(September 24) The Armenian terrorists stormed the General Consulate in Geneva; and killed police officer Cemal Ozen.(October 3) The Second Secretary of Turkish Embassy in Rome was attacked by Armenian terrorists; he was badly injured.(November 27) “Armenian Students Union in Europe” and “Kurdish Students Association in Europe” made a joint declaration in London.
1982(January 28) The Turkish General Consulate in Los Angeles, Kemal Arikan was killed by two Armenians Harry Sasunyan and Kirkor Saliba.(April 8) Commerce Counselor in Ottawa Embassy Kemalttin Kani Gungor was injured by an armed attack.(May 5) The Turkish honorary Consul for USA Boston Region Okan Gunduz was killed by Armenians.(June 7) Erkut Akbay the administrative attaché in Lisbon Embassy was killed. On the same day, Atilla Altikat the military attaché in Ottawa, Bora Süelkan the administrative attaché to Bulgaria and chargé d’affaires of Lisbon Embassy Yurtsev Mihcioglu and his wife Cahide Mihcioglu were attacked. Turkish Ambassador in Canada Coskun Kirca was attacked as well.(August 7) Ankara Esenboga Airport was bombed by three Armenian terrorists. Three police officers and nine civil people died. Seventy-eight people were injured. A terrorist called Levon Ekmekciyan was arrested. (August 10) An Armenian named Artin Penik burned himself to protest Esenboga Airport Incident.
1983(January 29) Levon Ekmekciyan was found guilty of 1982 Esenboga Airport incident and he was executed in Ankara.Harut Levonyan and Rafi Elbekyan attacked to the Turkish Ambassador in Yugoslavia and a man from Belgrade who was passing by was killed.(June 15) Some terrorists of ASALA organisation attacked Turkish Airlines office in Paris Orly Airport. The attack resulted in the death of four Frenchmen, two Turks, an American and a Swedish person. In the incident sixty people were injured.(June 27) Five Armenian terrorists who raided the Turkish Embassy in Lisbon were died.
1985(March 12) Turkish Embassy in Ottawa was raided by three Armenian terrorists. One of the Canadian civil guards was shot dead. Ambassador Coskun Kirca survived with injuries.
1991(January 21) Armenians attacked to Hacilar City. Three Soviet soldiers and two Azeris were killed. The terrorists killed an Azeri journalist Savatin Askerova.(April 13) In Karabagh, Armenians and Azeris fought. The Armenians bombarded Azeri villages.(April 23) The Armenians bombarded Azeri villages in Susa region. Three Azeris were killed, three houses were destroyed, and three houses were demolished.(April 26) Four Azeri civil guardians were killed. The attack was undertaken by “Karabakh Warriors”.(September 23) Armenia declared its independence.(December 26) Soviet Union was dissolved. Armenia gained its legal independence.
1996Levon Petrosyan was elected as the President of Armenia for the second time.
1997(March 20) One of the leaders of Tashnaksutium Rober Kocaryan became the prime minister of Armenia.(December 20) The Armenians celebrated the 160th year of Surp Agapyan Hospital together with New Year’s fest.
1998The President of Turkey Suleyman Demirel received Ara Kocunyan the editor of “Jamanak” newspaper in the of 90th anniversary of the newspaper, in his resident.(February) The President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyon resigned. Thus Robert Kocaryan has found a way for presidency. Petrosyan was protested by the extreme nationalists with his peaceful approaches in Karabagh.(February) Elcibey the leader of Azerbeyjan People’s Front evaluated the resignation of Petrosyan, and he said Kocaryan revolted against Azerbeyjan with the Russian assistance in Karabagh. (March 30) Kocaryan was elected the President of Armenia.(July) Abdullah Ocalan the leader of the PKK terrorist organization demanded a special village from Armenia for the use of his organization.(October 14) Mesrob Mutafyan, became the 84th Patriarch of the Turkish Armenians.

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