The Funniest Protest Signs From Trump’s Visit To The UK

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As you’ve probably noticed, we love reporting posting about Trump’s adventures on this site. Currently he’s visiting UK, so here are the funniest protest signs made by some brilliant UK citizens…


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  1. Anonymous June 3, 2019Love these. Gonna save this as inspiration for 2020 signs!
  2. Frann June 3, 2019This made my morning so much brighter,Thanks!
  3. cecile June 3, 2019ha ha ha….
  4. Dense Pence June 3, 2019He’s a “Looney Tune” that ISN’T funny!
  5. MC/DC June 3, 2019Just Brilliant!
  6. Mike P. June 3, 2019Shoot him and I’ll be president!
  7. Roger Collins June 3, 2019Brilliant- our sense of humour is one of the last good things in the UK?
  8. Anonymous June 3, 2019This made my morning
  9. Jeanne June 3, 2019Well done, you Brits!!
  10. Anonymous June 3, 2019Useful idiots gonna useful idiot…
  11. DP June 3, 2019Love it UK 🇬🇧. Thanks for the laugh, we need it here in the US 🇺🇸. It’s embarrassing to admit I’m from here these dark days. 😪
  12. Patti June 3, 2019Thanks for all the giggles, UK! These are wonderfully amusing. I needed a laugh today.
  13. Antoinette June 3, 2019Love your signs and your enthusiasm. We hate him in the United States as much as you do. Your cousin across the pond,
  14. maura June 3, 2019These are just great! Speaking as a U.S. citizen!
  15. Anonymous June 3, 2019From this Californian….THANK YOU!These are absolutely golden!
  16. Anonymous June 3, 2019These are great! Gave me smiles and giggles and we’ve had few of those since Trump was elected.
  17. Jenny June 3, 2019LOVE IT!!! And I’m glad that the comments I’ve read here aren’t from any trumper humpers. I pray and pray that there are enough of us that will stop a revolution if it happens. These people really do scare me even more than rump because they give him the power, lie for him by passing around HIS fake news, feed his ego and ones that I’ve talked to (which I avoid at all costs) are downright hostile He really is doing almost exactly what adolph hitler did in Germany,
  18. Harvey June 3, 2019Most of the people here in the U.S. can’t believe he hasn’t been impeached ! I can’t gut him , he makes me sick to my stomach !
  20. Cherilyn June 3, 2019Sooooo awesome! So glad someone can do this! Please continue!
  21. Patriot June 3, 2019Ignorant brainwashed leftys.. Traitorus propaganda media… If you understand anything about politics and the world stage then you would not be slandering this man you would be showering him with respect and thankfulness.
  22. Tootie June 3, 2019I almost spewed my coffee across the room when a friend shared and I saw the cover photo. Thank you Brit’s, you didn’t let us down AND your cleverness will appear on our signs on this side of the pond. Come visit Montana and will show you around
  23. Anonymous June 3, 2019These are great. And they made my day. I wish we could do this. I’d be first in line.
  24. Rose M. June 3, 2019This made my day also. The right is crying. 😁
  25. Glenn June 3, 2019No Respect for the US president. These people would be speaking German if it weren’t for the US
  26. rseimone June 3, 2019Bless the Brits, we can always count on them! This made my morning 100% better!
  27. Anonymous June 3, 2019Love all the signs. I don’t understand why the Queen even invited him- lost respect for her! Sad
  28. Anonymous June 3, 2019No Glenn, in case you didn’t know, the Brits held their own in WW2 and the Canadians{ also the UK} helped defeat the enemy. Heck, even the Russians did their share.Typically American to think anybody owes you anything.
  29. Anonymous June 3, 2019Glenn – many Brits are very grateful to the US for their part (along with many others, and slow as it was in coming) in WWII. Remind again how Trump contributed to that? Or anything about his honorable military service…?


Janet June 3, 2019

Love the signs Hate TRUMP too

Anonymous June 3, 2019

Thank you Brits for making my day!! So hilarious and enlightening. Most of my friends can’t stand him either! 😀

Anonymous June 3, 2019

The signs were AWESOME!! The UK rocks!!! Btw, if the orange infant gets re-elected (God forbid) can I come back (2 lines were English who came to the US way back)? PLEASE???????????

iamcart June 3, 2019

FANTASTIC! Thanks England!

Pam June 3, 2019

Wow! I was hoping my blood was not that stupid. Thankful my branch of the family left your island, worked hard and created a country that would elect President Trump. And you have Khan. LMAO!

Anonymous June 3, 2019

Let him have it! Thank you UK from your friends in San Francisco!

Dorcas Smith June 3, 2019

Love these signs! Go Brits!

Faith June 3, 2019

Thanks so much made my day… We promise to get rid of him, trying hard. Maybe since he doesn’t read he can sell the first edition and buy gum in jail. jus sayin….

Tony June 3, 2019

And of course our illustrious British prime minister (not) and her boy’s club are so much better than Trump? More honest, caring when it comes to the electorate, really listen to the people, fulfil their promises and give the people what they vote for!!! I don’t think so! I’ll take a leader with guts over the yellow bellied lot here any day.

OgburnMobileOgburn June 3, 2019

From Alabama, Bless you all! Brilliant!

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