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Hovhannes Katchaznouni tasnak
Hovhannes Kajaznuni, 1st Prime Minister of Armenia


First Promne Minister of the Undependent Armenian Republic Property of the Turkish Forum -World Turkish Alliance

The abridged pamphlet
Translated from the Original by Matthew A. Callender
Edited by John Roy Carlson (Arthur A. Derounian)
Published by the Armenian Information Service
Suite 7D, 471 Park Ave. New York 22 1955
the omitted sections translated from the Turkish edition, Tasnak Partisi’nin Yapacagi Bir Sey Yok, Kaynak Yayinlari, Nov.2006, Istanbul
By Lale Akalin 2006

Translator’s Note to the present edition
The report you are holding in your hands was delivered to the Dashnatziun Congress convened in Bucharest, in April 1923 by Hovhannes Katchaznouni, the first prime-minister of the Armenian Republic founded in 1918.
The original report was naturally delivered in Armenian and was published in Armenian by the author himself. It was translated to Russian and published in Tiflis (Tbilisi), four years later, in 1927 under Soviet rule, with a rather critical introductory note attached to it. The English translation, an abridged edition, was
published in 1955 by the “Armenian Information Service” in New York.
What is remarkable is that this very interesting historical document shedding light over a controversial period of history written by a person who played a crucial role in the life of Armenia has not been included among the documents flying about in the air in relation to the Armenian question. Its copies were removed from the libraries in Europe by the Dashnagziun members. A Russian copy in the Lenin Library in Moscow has very recently been translated into Turkish. This Turkish translation was compared with the 1955 abridged English edition and the parts left out in the English edition were supplemented from the Turkish 2005 edition and translated into English in order to arrive at the present English translation.

Download full report :

Katchazuni- The abridged pamphlet

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    HOVHANNES KATCHAZNOUNInin manifestosu ilginç bir tarihi belge, okumak istiyorum.

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