Obama says ISIS is “Contained” – ISIS Issues Terrifying Manifesto to Prove Otherwise

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It’s not just the Obama administration that seems confused about Obama’s rhetoric on the state of ISIS and our War on Terror. While many of Obama’s own lackeys have consistently contradicted their President’s own version of what is happening in the Muslim world, now information from ISIS seems to be contradicting President Obama as well. ISIS has just released their latest manifesto, which they’ve called “Black Flags from the Islamic State,” and what it reveals is terrifying. ISIS has plans to spread their particular brand of evil Islamic terror into Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and India.

This news is particularly worrisome for India, the second most populous nation in the world, but is also home to the world’s third largest Muslim population. (India has almost 1.3 Billion people, but almost 140 million of them are Muslim.) If ISIS can succeed in radicalizing a portion of the Indian Muslim population, the already struggling nation could descend into chaos and violence.

From the Indian Express:

The Islamic State has vowed to expand its fight to India, citing prophecies that refer to a global war. The threat is made in a new manifesto — Black Flags from the Islamic State — released online on jihadist platforms Tuesday.
“The Islamic State would now expand beyond Iraq and Syria,” states the manifesto. “It would now expand into… India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan (and several other countries)”…

The Islamic State’s strategy, the manifesto states, is to “do hit and run tactics and then go into hiding so (the world) can waste millions or billions of Euros on 100,000-plus police, investigators, and it can shut down its major cities and lose its money”…

Future attacks, it states, “will make groups in the West attack Islam and Muslims in Europe, forcing Muslims in the West to pick up weapons and start a fight to defend themselves”.

The key to building successful covert cells, it states, is recruiting individuals whose commitment can be vouched for, and not using electronic devices.

Fugitive Paris attack mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud, it states, did not use phones or e-mail to communicate with other members of the cell, which carried out the plot.

To add to the concerns of our security specialists comes the news that ISIS jihadists have stolen tens of thousands of blank passports from Syria, Iraq and Libya. The passports will now make it virtually impossible to detect terrorists travelling into Europe (and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India). With the passports, ISIS has secured the easiest and safest route to sneaking their jihadists into unsuspecting nations around the world.

The revelation that they now have access to tens of thousands of LEGAL travel documents puts a new and stressful spin on the idea that we should suspend Muslim migration from Syria, Iraq and Libya. If we suspend travel from these countries, then it would mitigate any danger that we might accidentally accept ISIS terrorists as “refugees.”

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