(Photo: Reuters) Supporters of Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party wave flags during an election rally in I
(Photo: Reuters) Supporters of Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party wave flags during an election rally in I

24 May 2015


When Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, party leader of the Peoples Republican Party (CHP), had a delicious dinner with the American ambassador in Ankara on 22 October 2013, he forgot to complain about the gas. Instead, he just booked a happy-talk trip to Washington, DC. No need for uncomfortable discussions.

And everyone, particularly the American ambassador, was thrilled. Members of Congress and the Executive branch would be interested in seeing Kılıçdaroğlu, said the ambassador. Even the Brookings Institute! Oh good, thought Kılıçdaroğlu, not wanting to dampen the warming glow of the American ambassador’s vacuous ambassadorial smile. So he swallowed the idea (if he even had one) of mentioning the gas. Such a polite, discrete leader of the party of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. So discrete that the words “we are Mustafa Kemal’s soldiers” stuck in his throat, the definitive word “soldiers” becoming bland, impotent “citizens.”

No, the gas was not of the discomforting, gastric kind. It was the poisonous kind, the kind that kills, destroys eye sockets, maims and infects, crushes skulls. Pepper gas. The pepper that is sprayed not shaken, shot in canisters at youthful heads not passed politely from diner to diner. The American ambassador failed to note his treacherous contribution to Erdoğan’s Gezi Park Menu of Death. And party leader Kılıçdaroğlu failed to remind him.

Forty-three tons of pepper gas (labeled “firearms”) rushed from America to Ankara on 23 June 2013 for $365 thousand dollars. Why did he fail to confront? Well the answer is obvious, pathetically obvious. And all you Atatürk-lovers and Atatürk-experts and even Atatürk-haters, know the answer. Still wondering? Would you like a hint? It’s about leadership, responsibility and courage, their absence. And treachery, its overwhelming presence. And so marks Kılıçdaroğlu’s political party.

We come to today. The good old days are back. Just like in 1980, the good old military coup times. The American “boys,” within and without, are again “doing it” to the Turkish nation, which means the Turkish people. Turkish youth die in the mean streets of Gezi and the CHP, once the party of the eternally young Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, can’t even raise a whimper of protest to the American ambassador. Instead, off Kılıçdaroğlu dutifully trotted to America. Met with some members of America’s warmongering Congess. Met with the neocon, imperialisim-mongers at Brookings Institute. And chatted with a sprinkling of the Gülen Movement gangsters, those traffickers in moderately violent Islam and other hallucinatory narcotics. Then, full of American “wisdom,” he returned to Turkey with a “new” CHP.

No Atatürk followers needed. Kılıçdaroğlu purged them. His traveling companion, Faruk Loğoğlu, former ambassador to the USA, became the party’s designated criticizer of all things youthful and courageous. Metin Fezioğlu, the dashing, youthful head of the Turkish Bar Association, spoke at the Council of State in Ankara. As the saying goes, he made a monkey out of Erdoğan. Embarrassingly irate, Erdoğan heckled him in a fine imitation of Third Reich manners. So what does the CHP’s mouthpiece say? Fezioğlu spoke too long showing poor manners.

The Turkish Youth League (TGB), the most valiantly patriotic of all organizations, symbolically rub and wave hoods to a few American sailors to highlight the continuing affront of American imperialism. And recall to the collective Turkish memory the hooding of Turkish soldiers by the Americans in Iraq. Tut-tut, for shame, said Loğoğlu, bad manners. Such paternalistic slop is typical fare for the CHP. And a big reason why genuine Turkish youth avoid it.

Last year’s presidential election campaign was even more pathetic. The “secular” candidate to face the meatgrinder Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was selected by a collaboration of CHP and MHP. After much stressing, straining and pre-natal interviewing, they labored to bring forth a 72 year-old political mouse, a scholarly Islamic obscurity named Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu. America had also whispered his name into a willing CHP ear.

His first name contained the first four letters of the Turkish word for bread, “ekmek.” For reasons as obscure as those for his candidacy, the collective brains of the two parties thought the phrase “Ekmek için Ekmeleddin”( “For bread, Ekmeleddin”) would be an exciting slogan. It is surely possible that in world political history there has been a worse slogan, but not likely. Enhancing the bread image, he also toted a baby in his campaign photograph. Ah, the empowering powers of bread.

Still, Kılıçdaroğlu was optimistic. Why not? It was his idea. Party members were outraged. They had this weak fait-accompli crammed down their throats. This counter reaction inspired Kılıçdaroğlu to rise to Erdoğanian levels of authoritarianism. He demanded, in language a parent would use to a toddler, that everyone just be quiet and vote. “Tıpış tıpış,” he said, just do it! But they just did NOT! Fed up with a ridiculous candidate to represent Atatürk’s party, millions of usual CHP voters boycotted the polls. Predictably, Erdoğan made toast crumbs of “Ekmek için Ekmeleddin.” And that’s how America made sure that Erdoğan would be president. And how the CHP lost millions of loyal voters.

Yet despite Kılıçdaroğlu’s catastrophic decision-making, incompetent leadership and total failure at the polls, he remains the party leader singing the same tired tune. That is, that his party is the only choice to stand against the fascist government. The truth? CHP is fascist, too. But incompetently fascist. The truth? CHP is the worst choice to stand for anything.


Turkey is being dismembered.

  • It has lost its East to Joe Biden’s favorite cause, Kurdistan.
  • Its democratic governmental system, especially the judiciary, has collapsed.
  • The Turkish president’s insistence on acting without constitutional permission is causing severe and dangerous diplomatic upheavals. These outlandish, illegal, bully-boy tactics in a supposedly mature country casts great embarrassment and defamation of character on the Turkish people. It vividly demonstrates the lack of a constitutional justice system, indeed of any justice system whatsoever.
  • The Turkish army was destroyed by America and its agents inside and outside Turkey. Thus serious security threats prevail for the Turkish people given the outrageously risky policies of its government and its president. The command and staff structure of the Turkish Army remains problematic since the rupture of its chain of command and its drift away from NATO mobilization standards. It all seems reminiscent of the fate of politicized armies whose forgotten ashes litter the battlefields of history.
  • The presidential paranoiac fantasy of a parallel state is delusional. If there is a parallel state it is Erdoğan himself illegally intruding into affairs that are the constitutional responsibility of the elected government. Only low-grade morons believe that Fethullah Gülen acted alone for 8 years destroying the Turkish Army while the AKP spent all its time being completely deceived. That is, until 17 December 2013 when the police found their shoe boxes stashed with billions of dollars.
  • What passes for justice is completely in the hands of the government and the presidency. In other words, there is none.
  • Syria is being destroyed by Sunni forces under the leadership and sponsorship of America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan. All are committing crimes of aggression and crimes against humanity. Formal criminal complaints have been filed with the International Criminal Court at The Hague.
  • Borderlands in southern Turkey, particularly in Hatay, are porous and unstable. They are used as staging areas (as is Jordanian land) for a massive assault on Syria, in particular its secular, Alevite government. This can easily be perceived as a genocidal attack. This conclusion is reinforced by the angry, disdainful remarks of the Turkish president towards Alevites in his own country and generally. It is difficult to believe that the people of Turkey would continue to tolerate a government of accused war criminals.
  • The big plan calls for a dismemberment of Turkey in the east and in the south. This is not news. The main idea is to give the coming Kurdistan a corridor to the sea. This means a passage for Kurdish oil through Syria. It will be a Sunni passage. So too bad for the Alevites. This also means an added bonus named Hatay, in particular Iskenderun harbor. It will become a Kurdish Sunni harbor. Too bad for the Alevites. And this genocide will be a real one for Turkey to swallow.

Blood must flow. So must oil. “Not a gallon you burn, but at least one drop of man’s blood was spilled for it,” wrote Herman Melville about whale oil over 160 years ago. Now we spill gallons of blood for a drop of oil. We destroy nations and races and cultures. We grow beards to celebrate beheadings and crucifixions. Starving children in our streets annoy us. Welcome to the pursuit of the happiness of advanced democracy.

Welcome to hell.


The major political parties are the same. They smell of America.


Kılıçdaroğlu and his CHP are solidly in the American camp. Kermal Derviş, the darling of America’s imperial banking and finance system is back over the ocean with the CHP. And Kılıçdaroğlu is happy. Expect nothing good for Turkey from either. Ever today’s man, the party is loaded with Gülen sympathizers in hopes of capturing religious votes from AKP, the cheapest of short-term tactics. While all Atatürk influences have been cleansed, that doesn’t stop Kılıçdaroğlu and CHP from making money from his name. The CHP TV channel hawks all varieties of Atatürk books, videos, inspirational music, clothing and jewelry. More need not be said why this political party is an inappropriate steward for our sacred homeland.


The other opposition party, the MHP, the right-wing nationalist party, was born in the bloody run-up to America’s 1980 military coup in Turkey. It helped the USA butcher-boy general, Kenan Evren, do his dirty work thereafter. Evren, Turkey’s Pinochet, both courtesy of the CIA. No party has been more treacherous in helping Recep Tayyip Erdoğan remain in power than the MHP. It has even stooped to resurrect the political baking fiasco called Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu. He will run for a parliamentary seat in Istanbul as a MHP candidate, presumably without his bread loaves.


The other “so-called” opposition party is the Kurdish Party, the HDP. The HDP supports everything that benefits Kurdish autonomy and separation from Turkey including the PKK, an international terrorist group. . The HDP also supports a new constitution which will help solidify Erdoğan’s death-grip on power. This is a quid-pro-quo for separation. Thus HDP is exactly like AKP.

The ISIS/ISID fiasco is a planned clearance operation of eastern and southern Turkish territories for eventual sovereign habitation by the Kurds. Now the Kurds are cleansing ISIS/ISID along the Turkish-Syrian border. A Criminal Cabal comprised of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, America and other international terrorist organizations are preparing to mop-up the remainder of ISIS/ISID resistance in northern Syria. ISIS/ISID has done its job very well and will slowly disappear from the scene. The Criminal Cabal (and the Kurds) will then emerge victorious in northern Syria. Then on to Damascus to clean out Assad. Thus the Kurds will get their oil-rich homeland down to the former Syrian seacoast including the former Turkish region of Hatay. America is incredibly generous with other peoples’ property.

There is also pressure applied on the Kurds by the Turkish Islamist government to make the coming nation of Kurdistan an Islamic republic. This is alienating the Alevite Kurds who want no part of the Sunnis and historic Sunni oppression. Assassinations of Alevite Kurdish women in Paris a few years ago were a precursor to this sectarian inner conflict within the PKK. That’s what Turkey and its Middle East backers want. Sunni. Sunni. Sunni. It also increases the genocidal pressure on the Alevites. And no secularism in sight, anywhere.


Not really knowing what it wants, that’s what America will get. Chaos, genocide, fascism and religious-inspired terror, a lovely victory for Erdoğan’s advanced democracy and a clueless America.

The deplorable condition of Turkey was brought to us by the interaction of all the above political entities. The violence, dishonesty and antidemocratic political process is killing the Turkish people. But from

America’s perspective the process has done admirably well.

But we, the people, are neither in America nor are Americans. We are members of a fatherland, Turkey. As logical, patriotic people, we should vote for the interests of that fatherland. None of the above political parties serve those interests. Treacherous connivers, they speak with twisted tongues and sold-out souls. We all know this. It is time to fix it.

If you take the easy route and vote for CHP because they will likely be seated as a majority opposition party you are missing the big picture. Surely you now see the quality of the “new” CHP. Turkey needs a new party but not this regurgitated one. It needs a clean, intelligent, patriotic party to serve the interests of similar-minded people. A political entity is needed to describe a buffer and a balance between the fascists and the neo-fascists, that is, between the AKP and the others. We desperately need a parliamentary position that is reliable and America-free. Our children’s needs are not the needs of the Erdoğan family or the Saud family. We need brains, honesty and enlightenment in parliament not bullying, hatred and darkness.

If we are left to be the only true heirs of the enlightened principles of Mustaf Kemal Atatürk and the western Enlightenment…then what? Should we go “tıpış tıpış” like toddlers because there is some false security in CHP or because we are so clever that we can scheme our one vote? What did Mustafa Kemal Atatürk say in situations exactly like today’s? You all know what he said! And you all know what he did! And you all know what he did NOT do!

He did not go to the Sultan’s palace and play cute until the time was right. That remains the CHP strategy, a guaranteed loser against bullying fascists. Atatürk went to Samsun. And we also have a Samsun. Don’t betray your birthright. And don’t think that by collaborating with the sold-out-to-America parties you are doing a good thing. Remember the loaf of bread candidate! It will recur to you like a bad dream in a wet bed.

Don’t vote for the “American mandate” parties. Vote for intelligence, morality and independence. Vote for the interests of your fatherland. Vote for yourself, for your real country, your real fatherland, your home.


James (Cem) Ryan

24 May 2015

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