An Interview on “The Water Diviner”

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imgresTATV’s Özge Övün-Sert spoke with Russell Crowe, director of The Water Diviner and Turkish film star Yılmaz Erdoğan, whose portrayal of a Turkish soldier won an award in Australia.

The two talked about the Battle of Gallipoli and the story of Joshua Connor, an Australian farmer (portrayed by Crowe), who goes to Turkey four years after the battle to search for his three sons who were presumed to have died during the conflict.

As Joshua travels through a country that was at war with his a few year earlier, “he never finds the footsteps of the enemy.”. As Crowe comments. “Instead, he finds more than he could ever have hoped for. One of the things that comes out of this film is that there are two sides to every conflict…I think after 100 years there has been enough time that we can open our hearts and our understanding of what the situation was from both sides.”

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