Fourteen important reasons why Obama Would not use the word “ Genocide” ;

By Orhan Tan

Presedent Obama knows;

1.That, The Armenians’  claims are  mostly based on  rumours.

2.That, The   decision to blame  a nation with genocide guilt is under the  authority of an international  court.  Therefore, if he would state the word genocide his saying would be illegal and would not suit for the USA Presedent.  

3.That, The Armenians’ revolts started in 1890 s and occured more than 30  times.     

4. That, The most reliable documents for Armenians are a. Ambassador Morgenthau’ s Memories  was  written by his  two Armenian  secretaries  using the  hearsays, b. Blue Book  which was prepared by Britain  as  a  WW I  propaganda  document ( i.e .  Psychological Warfare document , and Obama’ s military advisers know what it means)          

5.That, the British government decided  to judge the  accused  144 dignitaries / commanders  in Malta.  More than  two years  (1919 -1921) trial the  British court   without  a  single  indictment  closed the court  and  set the  dignitaries free.

6.That, US Senate  sent Major  General Harbord with a delegation to  Turkey.  Gen. Harbord  reported  to Senate  also  that  provacations  by British on Armenians  to induce them to fight.  In his report Gen. Harbord  mentioned moslem losses too.
7.That, Mr. Fridthof Nansen, Secretary General,  League of  Nations,  Sep. 21, 1929 quotes; “Western Powers had said to Armenians “ If you figfht  with us against  the Turks we promise to give you a national home  and  independence!”   Armenians    fought, 200.000 volunteers sacrificed their lives,  but  when Peace  was signed  given promise  was  forgotten.

8. That, the  first PM of  Armenia  Hovannes Katchaznouni says, in 1923 ; “The Sevres Treaty had blinded everyone’s eyes… We now see that if we had agreed on a settlement with the Turks directly (in spite of the Sevres Treaty) we might have gained a lot. But we could not see this point…It is also a reality, an unforgivable reality that we did not do anything to avoid war, but did just the opposite;  we created excuses for it.”
9. That, Armenians,  referring to Hitler,  use  a clause as such; “ Who remembers Armenians” . That clause  was found as an unreal one during the Nuremberg trials..
10. That, Dec.17, 2013 The  European Court of  Human Rights decision states; “……Moreover, Court acknowledged the fact that it would be very difficult to identify a general consensus in the academic community concerning the legal characterization of the events of the time as genocide.”                                                                                             

11.That, the Turkish government proposed establishing a  commission  of international  historians  and judges  to study the 1915  events, but, Armenian side never accepted.     

12.  That, genocide  claims must be scrutinized in the  context of UN  rules  and  regulations. 

13. That, Turkey is a very credible, strong ally, and a globally strategic partner for the USA.  

                                                                                                                                14.That, if he accepts Armenians’ proposal and recognize genocide  that decision  would not suit USA’s  moral values,  international law,  justice  and it would  establish a blemished  decision in American history. 



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