Turkey Doesn’t Want Greek Cyprus Taking EU Council Presidency

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eu1The Turkish government declared that it will suspend its relations with the European Union if the Greek half of Cyprus takes the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union scheduled in July 2012 without first solving the reunification issue between the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots. Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan stated that Turkey does not recognize Cyprus as a nation.

The modern history of Cyprus starting in the 1970′s is strife with military violence and political struggles that resulted in a Greek coup d’etat, a Turkish invasion and the formation of a North Turkish state and a Southern Greek state. These events led to a two-way movement of refugees on the island.

The movement of civilians in recent times has caused many controversially claiming ‘family land’ and other such land that was supposed to be inherited decades ago.

Both sides on the relatively small island have caused their shares of troubles between the European world and Turkey.

The island countries have been the site of United Nations interventions and the heavy presence of more than 30,000 Turkish troops and the Greek Cypriot National Guard effectively cutting the island into two entirely different ethnic and political camps.

The Greek side became recognized by the European Union enjoying more benefits, such as the chance to preside as EU president, than its Turkish neighbor.

Talks between the two sides in the past have failed or faltered but were rejuvenated in 2008. Both sides in the past have tried reunification plans including the Annan Plan which failed in part because of the Greek Cypriot’s admant rejection of the plan.

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