CIA Chief in surprise visit to Turkey

ANKARA, July 18 (KUNA) — US Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) General David Petraeus, arrived on Monday in Ankara in a surprise visit where he holds talks with Turkish officials on developments in Afghanistan.

Petraeus, who recently was appointed to the top CIA post, will have several meetings with officials from the Turkish foreign ministry and general command, US Embassy in Turkey said in a statement.

The statement noted that the purpose of the visit was to inform the Turkish side on the latest developments in Afghanistan, including the reassessment of Turkish involvement with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Kabul.

Last May, Petraeus handed over his post as the General Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan to US Marine Lt. Gen. John Allen, Petraeus’s successor.

Petraeus is expected to leave Turkey tomorrow after his talks, the statement added.

Turkey has committed 1,750 soldiers to ISAF. Their main mission is providing technical and logistic support to ISAF troops. (end) mm.mb KUNA 182019 Jul 11NNNN

via كونا : CIA Chief in surprise visit to Turkey – الشؤون السياسية – 18/07/2011.

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