The killing of Armenian soldier caused great pain to the Armenian community of Istanbul

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Anna Balyan


260411zinvorAn Armenian soldier was killed in the Turkish army on April 24, the day of commemoration of the Armenian Genocide victims. The official version differs from that of the Armenian community. Sevak Shahin Balikcin, 25, was called up for military service after he graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Yıldız Technical University of Istanbul. His body was conveyed to his partents as “sehit,” which means “martyr.” However, his parents do not agree with this.

“Had he fallen in the war, he would be a sehit. However, the reality is different. We demand that corresponding bodies probe into the case,” his father says.

“My son had a lot of dreams. He was interested in fine arts,” says Sevak’s mother, holding her son’s photo.

The Armenian population of Istanbul was shocked by the fact.

Editor of “Zhamanak” daily Ara Gochunyan notes that the accident caused great pain to the Armenian community. “The funeral will take place tomorrow, the Patriarchate has already done the necessary arrangements,” he said.

Accidental murder as a result of joking with the friend: this is the official version. A controversial report has been issued on Sevak’s death. “He was killed as a result of gunshot, when joking with his friend. There are no witnesses,” the report reads.

According to the version of the Armenian community, the soldier was killed because of discussing the issue of the Armenian Genocide with his fellows.

Ara Gochunyan notes that investigation is still under way. Sevak Shahin Balikcin would be demobilized in 23 days.

via The killing of Armenian soldier caused great pain to the Armenian community of Istanbul : Public Radio of Armenia.

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