wanted “Yasemin Agis”

My Name is Oguz Agis. And My Sister name is
Yasemin Agis. We’re Kazan Tatars. We were born and grow up in Ankara, Turkey. Our Mom and Dad are both came from Kazan, Tataristan. My father and my mother has been murdered. Only me and my sister left alive from our family. My sister and I did not have anymore good relationship in between us anymore, After my parents died. I haven’t seen my sister in 12 years. I haven’t heard from my sister Yasemin Agis for over a year now. I can’t get answers to my letters from my sister Yasemin Agis.I declared my sister “Yasemin Agis” as a missing person to the police in Turkey. Where can I get any information about my sisters’ whereabouts, dead.or alive by writing to which state institutions in America. I’m so glad to find you guys in the process of searching for my sister. I believe that you or your members may know my sister Yasemin Agis. If you know my sister, please give my contact information to my sister Yasemin Agis. And please let my sister to call me. I’m very worried about my sister. I want to know if she’s dead or alive. I am so anxious to hear from anyone who may know the whereabouts of my sister Yasemin Agis. Thanks in advance.
Sincerely Yours
Oguz Agis
Phone: +90543 357 2762
email: babaoguz2020@hotmail.com

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