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  • Armenian “Settled History Syndrome”: An affliction that runs deep in the media

    So, I was a “Genocide denier,” and Armenian “genocide” was a settled history, the arbiter presumably being the all-knowing International Association of Genocide Scholars. Case shut. Opinions and facts brought forward by others will not change anything … The response was the embodiment of a frozen mind. Frozen in time, frozen in space. Here was another example of the “Settled History Syndrome.”



    Yesterday, clearly, directly, in a street-theater performance, Turkish “boyz” encountered American “boyz” in the Turkish “hood.” The US embassy in Turkey called the incident “appalling.” What is appalling is the embassy’s ignorance and arrogance.

  • Armenian architect building bridges between religions

    Kevork Özkaragöz, an Armenian architect who has designed many religious monuments for different religions, refers to the opinions of the religious communities when developing his projects. A member of an Armenian family renowned for their stonemasonry, Özkaragöz moved from Malatya to Istanbul with his family when he was 6 years old. The structures built by […]

  • New Armenian newspaper to be launched in Istanbul

    New Armenian biweekly, Luys, will be launched in Istanbul, Turkish newspaper Taraf reports. Newspaper’s editor-in-chief Sahnur Kazanci told Taraf’s correspondent that the newspaper will cover the events that occur in the Armenian, Greek, Jewish and Assyrian communities of Turkey. “We, Armenians, have long been living side by side with Assyrians and Greeks. Significant events occur […]

  • Turkey’s ‘Hidden’ Armenians keen to regain lost identity

    Posted on 1 week ago TUNCELI Turkey (AFP) – They dropped their language and religion to survive after the 1915 genocide, but close to 100 years on Turkey s “hidden Armenians” want to take pride in their identity. Some genocide survivors adopted Islam and blended in with the Kurds in eastern Turkey s Dersim mountains […]