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  • Memo to President Bush: A grim assessment of his legacy

    By Ferruh Demirmen Dear Mr. President: I am sorry that I am late writing this memo to you. It is not because of negligence on my part. Rather, I wanted to give you a week to recover from your successor President Obama’s inauguration speech. Remember Mr. Obama’s speech from the steps of the Capitol on […]

  • The Sarah Palin affair: World should breathe a sigh of relief

    Now that the presidential race is over, the world can breathe a sigh of relief that Sarah Palin will not be one heartbeat away from the presidency. The consequences of a wayward or dangerous U.S. foreign policy and its impact on world peace under her leadership, if it were to be, are discomforting to imagine.

  • Obama Presidency: Perils and Prospects for Turkey

    The Obama administration holds both perils and hopes for Turkey, and for U.S.-Turkey relationship. The imponderables abound, and a prudent stance is “wait and see.” But both countries should look forward to a closer partnership in a renewed spirit without the mistakes of the last eight years.


    Dear Turkish Forum readers,   The article, “The new ‘moderate’ Turkey” By Robert Ellis (August 15, 2008) published in Turkish Forum recently reminded me of an incident similar to the one he experienced. At the end of his article Ellis notes that, although he had been a frequent commentator on Turkish affairs at Turkish Daily […]