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  • Open letter on Perinçek v. Switzerland case

    To wrap up, characterization of the 1915 events as “genocide” is incompatible with the definition of this term as prescribed in the 1948 U.N. Convention. “Genocide” is a legal construct, and should not be used to further political aims.

  • Turkey’s PM Erdoğan Uses Unique, Unorthodox Way to Address Corruption Allegations

    Out of this sordid affair, one thing that stands out inarguably, however, is the way that the PM Erdoğan has handled the situation. In a parliamentary democracy where the rule of law prevails, and public trust counts, the scandalous details that surfaced, while not yet proven in a court of law, would have been easily sufficient for a PM and the government to resign. It is a matter of credibility and accountability. The PM and the government have not resigned, and this does not augur well for Turkish democracy.

  • Ergenekon: A dark chapter in Turkish history

    Ferruh Demirmen The Ergenekon verdicts in Turkey announced on August 5 shook the Turkish judicial system and left an indelible mark on the conscience of Turkish people. The confidence that most Turks had in their judicial system received a major blow. Jail sentences were showered on all but 21 of the 275 defendants, including nearly […]

  • Armenian ‘G’ claims: A matter of balance and due process

    Hurriyet Daily News, April 28, 2012 FERRUH DEMİRMEN We have just passed April 24, when Armenians of various walks of life commemorate the anniversary of the arrest of the Armenian intellectuals in Istanbul 97 years ago, alleged to have been the beginning of “Armenian genocide.” So the pundits chastise, woefully, Turkey for “denying” genocide, and […]

  • Analysis: Turkey helps pull the rug from under Nabucco

    Turkey acceded to the aspirations of the Azeri brethren, while ignoring those of the Turkmen brethren. Over the past year, as the EU delegates approached repeatedly Ashgabat for Turkmen gas, Turkey chose to stay on the sidelines. This was a strategic mistake.