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  • Pope Francis should be declared persona non grata in Turkey

    Pope Francis, visiting Armenia during June 24-26 (2016), once again succumbed to his anti-Turkish, anti-Muslim prejudice and called the 1915 events in Ottoman Anatolia “genocide.” If the Pope continues with his baseless accusations on Armenian “genocide,” he should be declared persona non grata in Turkey. His acting as the spokesman for the Armenian causes does not help Turkish-Armenian relations.

  • Armenian Spin Machine: Peddling a Humiliating Defeat as Victory

    By Ferruh Demirmen, Ph.D. Turks are by now accustomed to deliberate twists and deceptions from the Armenian side on the allegations of “Armenian genocide.” The “Andonian telegrams,” the “Hitler quote,” the Holocaust analogy, the “pyramids of human skulls,” and of course, the 1.5 million Armenian deaths, are some of the examples that come to mind. […]

  • Top European court’s decision should make Pope Francis blush

    Pope Francis exceeded his authority and transgressed international law when he recognized Armenian “genocide.” His Holiness should deal with matters of faith and stay away from highly-charged historical issues that sow discord and hatred in society. He should not act as the spokesperson for the Armenian side. Otherwise, his call for inter-faith and inter-communal dialog becomes shamefully hollow.

  • Holocaust Museum Championing Armenian Cause

    By Ferruh Demirmen, Ph.D. Make no mistake about it: The U.S. Holocaust Museum is now unabashedly championing the Armenian cause and the Armenian lobby’s efforts to slander Turkey. This became evident when the Houston branch (Holocaust Museum Houston, HMH) announced earlier this year that it would feature Taner Akçam as a speaker on May 4 […]

  • Armenian “Settled History Syndrome”: An affliction that runs deep in the media

    So, I was a “Genocide denier,” and Armenian “genocide” was a settled history, the arbiter presumably being the all-knowing International Association of Genocide Scholars. Case shut. Opinions and facts brought forward by others will not change anything … The response was the embodiment of a frozen mind. Frozen in time, frozen in space. Here was another example of the “Settled History Syndrome.”