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What would USA do if Hispanics betray in a collabration with Russia to establish a NEW MEXICAN STATE to unify with Mexico,When USA army were fighting with United allies,Russia & Mexico in the fictious 3 WW?

What would USA do if American Hispanic USA citizens suddenly start to ware Mexican /French /Russian uniforms and kill women,old,children and handicapped Americans in their own homes in Texas and New Mexico when all men of the USA army
were fighting in 14 fronts against the all the leading powers/Allies of the world…

Tell me what would USA do?

USA bombed Hirosima and Nagazaki killed 250.000Japanese people after a finished war for the revenge of PearlHarbour’s 2300 lost Americans.

They kept a million Japanese/Americans in consantration camps all 2.WW long.

But,Turks only deported Liar-menian(armenians are LIARS) traitor betrayers to another Ottoman Turks province from Van Bitlis and Mus Cities only to another Ottoman Province in today’s Syria,Der Zor…

Liar-menians have been insulting,spreading lies and slanders about “my People”” for 100years with a great inferiorty complex of beeing a traitor betrayer nation to their own state,Ottoman Empire in the beginning of the 20th Century with the provocations of Russians and British & French governments..

They have collaborated with the enemies(Russians in 1878-79/1914-15-French army in 1914-15),and wore their military uniforms and killed their own neighbors who have been living with them for at least 13 centuries in Anatolia.

What should Turks do after those hostilities.?

–Armenian Riots”in their own state Ottoman Empire Clutha Leader – 11 Oct 1895-

-“Turkish Armenians In Armed Revolt Ready To Join Russian Invaders, Having Drilled & Collected …” NY Times 13 Nov 1914

-Gen Spiridowitch Organizing Armenians In NewYork For A Revolt In Turkey” NY Times 20-May-1907

-NYT “Armenians in Ottoöman Emp.Responsible For Premeditated Riots” NY Times 25-Oct-1895

“Armenian Revolt to Ottomans With The Help & Encouragement From Trans-Caspian Armenians in Russia” NY Times 13-Oct -1903

-“5000 Armenian Revolters in Adana Preparing For Aggressive Action” NY Times 15 Nov 1895

-“Armenians Armed With Revolvers & Spiked Staves, Dragged Armenian Patriarch From Pulpit” NY Times 29-July-1890

-Boxes Of Rifles, Ammunition & Dynamite in Armenian Church” Feb13-31Jan1908-St.Petersburg Telegraph Agency

-Armenian Students Join Russian Army In Caucasus : Evening Post 4 Nov 1914

-Armenian Priests Acted As Guides For Russian Army To Get To Van: Evening Post 9 Dec 1914

-Turks Were Defeated By The Armenian Army: NYT 29 Jun 1918

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-2532 “Armed Armenians Kill Many TURKS” Muscatine Journal 19 Dec 1905

-“Armenians Aiding Russians In Campaign Against Turkey” Fort Wayne News, 1914 Nov 7

-“Armenian Rebels Killed 20, Wounded 23, in Turkey” The News, 1904 May 2

-“Turkish Garrisons Attacked by Armenian Rebels” The Washington Post, 1904 Aug 10

-NYT: 2 May 1928 : “Huncak (Agitates Against Turkish Rule) Editor S Sapah-Gulian Dead

  • NYT 13 Nov 1914 : “Turkish Armenians Refuse To Join Turkish Army – Ready To Join Russian Invaders for Armed Revolt

-NYT Rebel Turk Djemal Pasha Orders 2 Turkish Band Chiefs Be Hanged For ill Treatment of Armenians”

-NYT: 14 Nov 1920 : “Armenians Complain of French

  • NYT: 18 Oct 1915 : “Dangerous Rebel Armenians Betray Their Rulers, Take Refuge in Christian Missions : The Kind of Armenians A Turk Knows”
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-Armenians Aiding Russians in Campaign Against Turkey” Fort Wayne News, 1914-11-07

-(Armenians) From America To Fight” NYT, 1915 January 8

-Armenians Fighting Turks, Besieging Van Others Operating Turkish Army’s REAR” ” NYT, 1914

-Russians Win Van District” New Oxford, 1916-24-2

-Armenians Fight For Russia” Reno Evening Gazette London 1915 Jan 7

  • Russians Take Turks’ Fort Near Erzerum, In Pursuit of Turkish Cavalry Armenian Students Enthusiastic Volunteers in Petrograd” NYT, 1914 November

-Armenians Join Russians and Scatter Turks Near Feitun” Washington Post, 1914 November 13

-Four Villages Reduced To Ashes by Armenians” Lima Times Democrat 1906 Sep 19

-“Threatening Letters From Armenian Revolutionionary Committee” Liverpool Courier, 1897 08-23

-Bomb Outrage in Constantinople Eight Armenians Arrested” Liverpool Courier, 1897 08-21

-150 000 Armenian Volunteers in Russian Army Were The Only Forces Against Turks: Boghos Nubar, Paris” Times of London , 1919 Jan 30

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-Welcomed Russians in Armenia Entered Turkey” Atlanta Constitution, 1914 11 07

-Druse Tribe Revolt Spreads” Indiana Evening Gazette, 1925, August 13

-Mosque, School and Bazaar : Armenians Set Fire ” New York Times, 15 Dec 1891

-Armenian Insurgent Bands Attack Kurds Near Erzeroum, Daily Gazette, 17 Nov 1899

-Armenian Insurgent Bands Attack Kurds Near Erzeroum, Daily Gazette, 17 Nov 1899

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-Armenians Attack Tartar Village” Monitoba Free Press, 15 Nov 1905

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-Armenians, Not Turks Set Smyrna Ablaze” Relief Worker Declares: San Antonio Express, 1923-01-22

-“Armenian Army Approaching Erzerum” Bismark Daily Tribune, 13 Nov 1914

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-5 Armenian Revolutionary Societies To Bring About The Ruin of The Ottoman Empire” New York Times, 24 Sep 1896

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-Armenian Bomb Factory was Discovered Near Kassim Pasha Cemetery” New York Times, 12 Sep 1896

-Armenians Are pardoned : Turkish Amnesty To Zeitoun” New York Times, 14 Feb 1896

-Armenians Insurgents Massacred All The Turkish Soldiers at Zeitoun” New York Times, 21 Dec 1895

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-Aggression Of Armenians” New York Times, 2 Nov 1895

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  • NYT: 15 Dec 1903 : “Armenian Revolt to their own state Ottoman Turks,Likely”
  • NYT: 4 Aug 1940 “Armenian Military Hero, General Sebooh Arshak Nersesian, Who Fought Against The Turks In 1920, Died At 66
    NYT: 4 Aug 1940 “Armenian Military Hero, General Sebooh Arshak Nersesian, Who Fought Against The Turks In 1920, Died At 66
  • NYT: 8 Jan 1915 “Armenians From America, Arrived In Tiflis, To Serve With The Russian Army Against Turkey”
  • NYT: 22 Jun 1935 “Armenian Patriot Miran Sevasly Dead: He Helped Raising 10.000 Armenians To Fight Against Turkish Front In Armenian Legion “

-NYT: 9 Oct 1915 “Why We Aid Armenians: It’s Because We’re Bought by Anglo-French Gold”

-NYT 13 May 1947 “James Chankalian, Won Honors, in Organising 300 Armenian Volunteers To Fight Against Turkey”

-NYT 29 Sep 1915: “Armenians Brought Reprisals on Themselves by Trying to Stir Up Rebellion Against Turkey” “ARMENIANS’ OWN FAULT-Bernstorff”

-“Turkish Garrisons Attacked by Armenian Rebels” The Washington Post, 1904 Aug 10

-“Armenian Rebels Killed 20, Wounded 23, in Turkey” The News, 1904 May 2

-Armenia Wants US Against Hun” -Miami Metropolis 27-Mar-1919

-“Hentchakist Bands Invade Turkish Territory” NY Times 10-Nov-1903

  • Tacitly Encouraged by Russia, Armenians Cross Turkish Frontier” NY Times 17-May-1903

-“Future Glorious Armenia Should Not Be Limited To Turkish Land, But Must Cover Themselves & Russian Land” Nov11-29Oct-1903-Moscow-Paper

-“Armenians Prefer Sultan’s Rule Not Emperor Nicholas” NY Daily Tribune 25-Aug-1907

-NYT”Sassoun Massacre -Proof – Armenian Revolitionists Caused It” don’t blame TURKS
NY Times 23 Aug 1895

-“Armenian Bands Formed To Attack & Kill Turks or Kurds” NY Times 18 Jan 1894

-NYT Armenians Have Plotted To Arouse Sympathy” NY Times 4 Oct 1895

-Turks Hang Kemal Bey For Armenian Massacres” NYT 14 Apr 1919

Turkish Garrisons Attacked By Armenian Rebels” Washington Post, 10th Aug 1904

-“Fighting In Sasun -Armenian Rebels” The News, May 2 1904

-False Info Circulated By The Armenian Agitators” NYT, Nov 3 1895

-Armenian Question: England And America Cannot Afford To Throw Stones” NYT, 23rd Sep 1895

-Armenian Rebels Taken In Hand” -Evening Bulletin, Hawaii, USA, May 16, 1903

-“26.000 ‘Christian’ Armenians In Revolt” -Guthrie Daily Leader, Oklahoma, Nov, 1 1895

-“Armenians In Van Rise In Arms Against Turks” -Washington Times, May 12, 1915

” Plot To Blow Up Foreign Consulates By Armenian Rebels’ Dastardly Plan” -San Francisco Call -20 Aug 1905

-” Turks Battle With Rebels” -San Francisco Call -19 May 1904

“Were The Armenian Stories Of Atrocities Only Fabrications? ” -Daily Bulletin, April 25, 1895

Qestions for Armenians .They can not give answers but at least they can read

Why 15.000 + Armenian Bureaucrats of the Ottomans closed their eyes to Genocide?
Was it because there was no genocide?

LIAR-menian VICTIMS(!) in theUSA

What would USA do if she faced a betrayal in the middle of the 3.WW form Hispanic-Americans?

There is not a single Original Document in Yerevan Genocide Museum of BULLSHIT…
Please send email and ask WHY.

Two calculations about Armenian Genocide Bullshit.If 1.5M armenians were the victims,the genocide is still going on

ARmenian Population from Non-Turkish the Ottoman Empire
no-genocide bullshit anymore

Aram Andonian,a liar and traitor who was Ambassador Morgentau’s secretary in Istanbul. collapsed lies of a famous forger


Anatolia Historical Homeland of the Armenians is another lie,
They later came like Turks 🙂

-LIAR-menian Genocide TALE for the beginners

LOSERS CLUB MEMBERS are very angry to Turks? Why?

Mr.Sarkozy is in the Yerevan Genocide BULLSHIT Museum

LIAR-menians do not want to open their archieves in Boston,Why?

Armenian Genocide BULLSHIT Started with ASALA Terorists’ Homicide in 1973 in USA

There was no Armenian Genocide in 1960s.Armenian singers sung in Turkish

Confessions of 1. PM Kacaznuni of Armenia said””We were wrong to uprise”

How Britain and Allies in 1WW unintentionaly Buried Armenian Genocide BULLSIT in Malta Tribunals

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