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Comment on the Wall Street Journal Article, title ;
“Will Trump Tell the Truth About the Armenian Genocide?”
By Robert M. Morgenthau
Jan. 25, 2018 7:11 p.m. ET

(Prepared by;
Dr. Yurdagul Atun / Sukru Server Aya/ Prof. Ata Atun

WSJ & Museum OPEN COVER LETTER (Feb.11, 2018)
To: a- The Wall Street Journal – Editors
b- The Washington Holocaust Museum Memorial Council Members and Management
c- The Office of the U.S.A. President (as supervisors of this state establishment)

c.c: The U.S.A. Embassy, Ankara, Turkey (Press Attaché)
The Turkish Embassy, Washington
Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ankara
Press & Academia

Esteemed Gentlemen, February 13, 2018

Re: WSJ Article of Jan. 25, 2018https://www.wsj.com/articles/will-trump-tell-the-truth-about-the-armenian-genocide-1516925489

As private researchers and writers on the WW-1 and WW-2

The Washington Holocaust Museum alleged Hitler Quote
The Washington Holocaust Museum

History and events related to the “mythomania of genocide” (Erich Feigl) we are profoundly disturbed by the domineering tone of the author and feel compelled to refute the contents of this article from A to Z, since almost everything written by former New York District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau is untrue, not evidenced, and flawed with colossal deficiency of knowledge on past and present history. The “alleged Hitler Quote” still standing on the wall of the Museum is a complete forgery, which undoubtedly has been known to the Museum from the very early days for more than twenty years. Regrettably, despite written applications and provided documentary as evidence, the Museum preferred or was probably told to “remain quiet, hide and falsify history” to the public. The Museum has become instrumental in propagating the “genocide palaver”, despite all judicial requirements and verdicts of various authorized courts in Europe.

We attach our “research refuting the article” and the patronizing remarks of Mr. Morgenthau, who is presumably unaware of WW-2 Nazi Armenian Legion being complicit in rounding up Jews to be sent to death camps, or the books and articles on internet corroborating how Turkish diplomats saved over ten thousand Jews in Vichy France and Rhodes from Nazi persecution and arranging their transfer to Palestine by special chartered trains. This of course, is no surprise given the history of the Armenians and the Turks living in peace and harmony down the street from each other for centuries. We would like to invite Mr. Morgenthau to take time in his retirement to familiarize himself with the history of the Ottoman Empire which lasted over 600 years because of its policy of “live and let live” and mutual tolerance of its people reaching at one time more than thirty ethnic groups stretching from Europe to Indonesia. We attach as a reminder footnote, two excerpts from history for the treat of Jews by the Ottoman Turks which should be self-explanatory to Mr. Morgenthau.

We believe we have answered the hearsay or prejudiced grandma stories in the attached research paper and hereby cordially ask you to tell the public if the “quote on the Museum wall true?” also keeping in mind to respect the U.N.’s judicial requirements before saying so. If so, then the “Nuremberg Court decision of 1948 deleting this forgery, or the full definition of this alleged quote and meeting of 22.08.1939as narrated in William L. Shirer’s book must be wrong”, as well as the recent confirmation of the very same contents in the Documents of US Military.”

Gentlemen, you are ethically obligated to clarify the status and rectify the many “empty, dominative and assertive allegations for which not even a page of legally valid document” has ever been submitted to any competent tribunal, let alone any confirming verdict from the same. The US archives are full of official documents bearing references of the US Congress and Senate contradicting his article and yet, Mr. Morgenthau, a celebrity in law and justice, has either ignored or defied by “acting as a persecutor, without hearing any defense, no evidence, and no obedience to nor respect for the laws of this land and as a judge or deity for eternity”.

We submit that this cannot be accepted, and we respectfully request a statement from Wall Street Journal whether or not it subscribes to Mr. Robert M. Morgenthau’s claims of “Armenian Genocide.” Thank you.

Cordially yours,

Dr. Yurdagül Atun
(Researcher) – International Aydin University
([email protected])

Şükrü Server Aya (Researcher) International Aydin University
([email protected]&[email protected])

Prof. Ata Atun (Rector)
International Aydin University
([email protected])

“Jewish communities in Anatolia flourished and continued to prosper throughout the Turkish rule. When the Ottomans captured Bursa in 1326 and made it their capital, Jews welcomed the Ottomans as saviors. Sultan Orhan gave them permission to build the Etz ha-Hayyim (Tree of Life) Synagogue, which remained in service until the 1940s.”

The Chief Rabbi of Edirne between 1454-69, Isaac Sarfati wrote his famous “Edirne Letter” during this same period. It concerns several German Jewish families, which had immigrated to the Ottoman Empire.

“I have heard of the afflictions, more bitter than death, that have befallen our brethren in Germany, of the tyrannical laws, the compulsory baptism and the banishment, which are of daily occurrence.
…Brothers and teachers, friends and acquaintances! I, Isaac Sarfati… I proclaim to you that Turkey is a land wherein nothing is lacking, and where, if you will, all shall yet be well with you… Here every man may dwell at peace under his own vine and fig tree… Here you are allowed to wear the most precious garments”..
# 1 . Bertrand Russell, Human Society in Ethics & Politics, George Allen-Unwin Ltd. London 1954, pg.218.
# 2. Courtesy, Museum of Turkish Jews, The Quincentennial Foundation, Istanbul pg.76-77 “Bernard Lewis, Jews of Islam”

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