“Infinite Territory” weighs Persian cultural influence over Anatolia

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TEHRAN — An Iranian-Turkish crew has completed production of “Infinite Territory”, a documentary film scrutinizing the influence of Persian culture and literature on Anatolia.

The documentary has been produced in six 20-minute episodes by Iranian filmmaker Gholamreza Siami for IRIB’s international TV network Sahar.

The film provides clues as to how Persian culture and language have had an effect on various fields including architecture, literature, and scientific studies in the region, the Sahar Public Relations Office announced in a press release on Sunday.

Many scholars, translators, authors, publishers, historians, and architects were interviewed for production of the documentary.

It also studies the effects of Persian poet and mystic Molavi Jalal-ad-Din Rumi, whose tomb is located in Konya in southern Turkey.

The crew toured the Turkish cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, Mardin, Diyarbakir, and Sanliurfa for production of the film.

In addition, they made journeys to the ancient Turkish sites of Cappadocia, Midyat, and Mount Nemrut to gather information for the film.

Turkish translator Veysel Basci, who has rendered a number of works on Persian modern and classic literature, was an advisor to the project.

A cameraman, his assistant and a production manager were hired in Turkey.

via tehran times : “Infinite Territory” weighs Persian cultural influence over Anatolia.

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