State Identity, Continuity, and Responsibility

State Identity, Continuity, and Responsibility: The Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey and the Armenian Genocide: A Reply to Vahagn Avedian by Pulat Tacar* and Maxime Gauin** Introduction We have been asked by the European Journal of International Law to write a reply to an article entitled ‘State Identity, Continuity and Responsibility: The Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey […]

Patriotism Perverted

Patriotism Perverted A discussion of the deeds and the miedeeds of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, the so-called Dashnagtzoutune By K. S. PAPAZIAN BOSTON BAIKAR PRESS 1934 ———- COPYRIGHT 1934 By K. S. PAPAZIAN All rights reserved (Printed in the United States of America) DEDICATED To the memory of those Armenian martyrs who, for their devotion […]