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Graduation of Middle East Technical University ( METU)/ Statistic Division, ANKARA.
1986, In the continuation of education, gave private lessons in the field of Mathematics and science, Participated teachers team of a private Secondary School as a Mathematics and Computer teacher.
1992, worked as an English teacher in a state school depends on the Ministry of Education,
1996, Ministry of Education proposed a research related with the Main Education Plan for Compulsory Education in Turkey. Started to work in the Research, Planning and Coordination Consul of the Ministry of Education as a researcher. Prepared Country reports, developed investment alternatives. Later represented Turkey in OECD meetings. Compared education systems of countries. Jointly implemented International Standards of Education ( ISCED ).
Participated International Education Meetings in the name of Ministry Of Education, Prepared Statistical Information for Education At A Glance and Statistical Year Book(1996-1999), Prepared and gathered Statistical Information for UNESCO/OECD/EURYDICE (UOE) Education Data Bank. Took Europe Basic Education Program Sertifiacte.
1999, Worked in the General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection Organization. Worked as a Project Coordinator in General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection Organization. Implemented and coordinate three big projects; ( SHCEK).
In September 2001, Having participated a big project, ( Social Risk Mitigation Project ) in the name of SHCEK. As a financial counterpart staff of the World Bank in the Social Solidarity Fund. Worked for homeless and poor people. The world Bank gave prize, the Project staff to Mexico City to investigate and make comparison between Turkey And Mexico. Arranged a lot of meetings with Ministry of Education, Health and World Bank staff there.
Implemented Conditional Cash Transfer and sub computing structure, worked as a reporting and accountant staff.
2001-2004, Having field trip between the provinces, Sinop, Malatya, Antalya, Konya, Mersin, İzmir, İstanbul, Kahraman Maraş, Gaziantep,Samsun, Zonguldak,Van,Erzurum,Iğdır
2005-2007 Worked as an employment Coordinator of a State Minister, Researched the projects related with the employment situation in Turkey. Prepared reports.
Went to India for World Bank project and various countries of Europe related with some European Projects.
2007-2017 Retired from Prime Ministry – SHÇEK and Worked in Tourism Sector, managed in a holiday village as an administrator. Worked as a consultant of an independent evaluator in the Development agencies. Prepared some grant Projects related with renewable energy sources for Bodrum Small Scale Industries. Worked on projects in Mugla University/ Archaeology Department and writing books about her researches.
Still continuing her workings as a researcher and author.

Translation and Editorial Studies
Prep books for secondary Classes/1994
The Earth Women of Our Art / AKIN OK’s poetries/ 2019
World Bank Social Risk Mitigation Project Finance Reports (2001-2004)
Hospital kits-Contracts / (1987-1990)
Child stories -1993

Evaluation of Child Protection Services in Turkey.( SHCEK Services, finished June, 2006)
Evaluation of Old Age People Care Services in Turkey ( SHCEK Services, finished on December 2006)
Evaluation of Disability people Care Services in Turkey ( SHCEK Services, will be finish on March 2007 )
Education At A Glance 1997-1998-1999-2000 / OECD Publication
Social Risk Mitigation Project /Turkey
Conditional Cash Transfer /WORLD BANK/ Pueblo-Mexico /AYALA CO.
World Bank Finance Workings- Hindistan
Youth Workings – İtalya

(Işık Güçlerinin Yükselişi-I)
MU-G ATEŞİ (Işık Güçlerinin Yükselişi-II)
KÖR BEN / AYNAM ( İbrahim Balaban’ın Yeşili)
Mummified Ghosts-I