Saudi Arabia Is the George W. Bush of the Middle East

Riyadh has a clear strategy – just not one that Washington should endorse.   Even for the Middle East, the last few days qualify as a rough patch. Let’s recap: The Saudi government executed a prominent political dissident and religious minority, despite knowing in advance that it would spark domestic and international backlash. In doing […]

US withdrawing 12 warplanes from Turkish air base … Incirlik

By ROBERT BURNS 18 hours ago WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. is withdrawing a dozen warplanes from a Turkish air base, barely a month after they arrived to help Turkey protect its air space and to conduct strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq, officials said Wednesday. Related Stories US to pull some […]

More than 22 Muslim Terror Training Camps on American Soil!?!

By Tim Brown / 7 December 2015 / While the Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to investigate 1,000 ISIS-tied individuals in the united States, there are at least 22 paramilitary Islamic communities in the US that they know of, but are not doing anything about. Now, the stage has been set for more Islamic jihad […]


    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday vowed Turkey’s leadership would be made to regret the downing of one of Moscow’s warplanes as the top diplomats from both countries held their first high-level meeting since the incident. Moscow announced a halt to talks on a major gas pipeline with NATO member Ankara as Putin […]

President Putin: By Shooting Down Our Fighter Jet Turkey Practically Declared War on Russia, Turkish Dictator Erdoğan Is an Accomplice in ISIS Crimes

According to Moscow Times, the Russian President Vladimir Putin held an emergency cabinet meeting in Kremlin to evaluate the implications of the downing of a Russian Su-24 fighter jet near the Syrian-Turkish border area. “…Today they practically declared war on us by shooting down our fighter jet. Our patience wears thin with Erdoğan and his […]

Invitation to Remembrance Ceremony to Honor Atatürk…America Ataturk Society

Invitation to Remembrance Ceremony to Honor Atatürk IN REMEMBRANCE OF ATATÜRK On the 77th anniversary of the death of the greatest Turk of them all, we mourn Atatürk’s death, as well as the assault on his creation, the secular Republic of Turkey by the present government. Losing sight of his prescient vision for Turkey represents a lost opportunity for his Nation and […]

Opinion: Why Turkey should fear itself

By Soner Cagaptay Saturday’s attack in the Turkish capital is as close to Turkey’s 9/11 as the country has gotten. Twin bombings in downtown Ankara, across from the city’s busy central train station and only minutes from key government buildings, killed at least 95 people and injured hundreds more. It is, in short, the worst […]

“The Armenian Insurrection and the Great War” by Dr. Pat Walsh

BOOK REVIEW: “The Armenian Insurrection and the Great War” by Dr. Pat Walsh and Dr. Garegin Pastermadjian “Armen Garo” (A Cautionary Tale of Betrayal) ISBN 978-1-8722078-23-6 “Belfast Historical & Educational Society” 215 pages. INTRODUCTION: For those who undertake wide ranging, below the surface and cross referenced research on the “genocide fanfare”, which has been popular […]

The 12 people who ruined Turkey

The Dirty Dozen The 12 people who ruined Turkey From a 15th-century sultan to a 21st-century autocrat. By Melik Kaylan 8/12/15, 5:30 AM CET At first glance, Turkey’s election results suggested a triumph of democracy over the stifling dirigisme of one-party AKP rule. But with the country combusting from terror attacks, those cheers have turned […]