TASC Celebrates 19th of May Youth and Sports Day, Honors Ataturk, Entrusts the Future to the Youth

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Happy Youth and Sports Day!
“I’d like to express my final words specifically to the youth of our nation. Turkish Youth! You enhance and carry on the nation’s confidence. With discipline and virtue, you’ll be the most valuable reflection of humanity, love of homeland, and freedom of speech. You, arising new generation! The future is yours. We formed the Republic; You’ll make it live on with success…”

M. Kemal Atatürk

The 19th of May 1919 is an important holiday for Turks worldwide.
One hundred three years ago, the Founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, landed in the port city of Samsun on the Black Sea coast of Türkiye to launch the Turkish Independence Movement against Britain, Russia, France, Italy, and Greece which had invaded and brutally occupied the Turkish homeland during WWI.

Atatürk rallied the people of Anatolia to fight in solidarity for independence. On July 24, 2023, the people declared victory, having ousted all invading forces, voided the racist Treaty of Sevres, and enacted the Treaty of Lausanne that defines the sovereignty and territory of Türkiye today.

Thus began the transformation of Türkiye from a multi-religious theocracy to secularity, from a monarchy to democracy, and from a centralized to a free market economy.

As a reminder that the future of the Republic of Türkiye is entrusted to the youth, the 19th of May was named, “Turkish Youth and Sports Day.” Atatürk lead the people to embrace the diversity of Anatolia in mutual respect and solidarity for independence and sovereignty. TASC is following in the same spirit and embraces ideals of inclusivity and is fully confident that our youth will carry on the noble legacy of progress at home and in the world.

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