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  • Turkish Alphabet and Pronunciation
  • Turkish Terms and Expressions
  • Easy Guide to Grammar
  • Turkish Verb Conjugations
  • Conversations in Turkish
  • English-Turkish Dictionary


Turkish Phrase Book will enable you to learn English effectively. The book, prepared with an innovative approach, contains the updated expressions and words required for practical use.

The book consists of five basic parts. In the first part, the most common Turkish terms and expressions on various topics are emphasized. In the Grammar part, with the help of tables, basic grammar rules of Turkish are explained as well as practical grammar knowledge is included. In the Dictionary section, English words are provided in accordance with the most frequently used Turkish words. In addition, there are Turkish verb conjugations. With the help of Conversations in Turkish, Turkish learners and those who would like to learn Turkish will utilize the book productively. 

With this work, the readers will have the opportunity to learn and practice the Turkish equivalents of phrases and terms spoken in Turkish.


  • Turkish is an Ural-Altaic language.  All Turkic languages belong to the Altaic language family. 
  • Turkish is one of many Turkic languages spoken in the world and is the official language of the Republic of Turkey and the co-official language of Cyprus. It is also a recognized minority language in some of the Balkan Countries.
  • In Turkey, since 1928, Turkish has been written with a Latin alphabet and its alphabet resembles other Latin-based alphabets such as German, English, French or Spanish. 
  • Modern Turkish is used in all areas; official, cultural and literary.
  • Turkish provides many benefits to people with a wide variety of interests and goals such as archeology and ancient cultures, medieval history, Islamic studies, history, political science, and sociology. Knowledge of Turkish can act as a bridge for those interested in going on to study other Turkic languages and recognize Turkish culture.
  • Turkey is the successor country to an Empire that lasted for 700 years and link across three continents. Learning Turkish opens a rich culture to you. Turkish is very dynamic. The Republic of Turkey is strategically connected, geographically and culturally to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East. 

Features of Turkish

  • Turkish uses ‘vowel harmony’, a feature unknown to English speakers.
  • It has agglutinative structure which means that words and sentences are made by adding suffixes to a root-word. 
  • There are no articles, genders, or declensions. Nouns do not have different genders. 
  • Turkish is a very regular and logical language. When you learn a rule, there are usually no exceptions.
  • The word order in a sentence is different from Western languages. 
  • In Turkish, postpositions are used instead of prepositions. 


Nur Üçer was born in Istanbul on 10 November 1977. After receiving her BA in Italian Language and Literature Department from Ankara University, she had her MA in American Culture and Literature from Kadir Has University and her Teaching Certificate from Marmara University. While working at Istanbul Commerce University as TOEFL Center Coordinator, she instructed both Italian and English. 

In 2014, she received CELTA – Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults and Turkish for Foreigners Program Certificate and completed Cambridge University Train the Trainer for English

Teachers Program in 2020.  Between 2016 and 2018 she instructed English and Italian in Maltepe University. Currently, she has been studying English Language and Literature PhD Program in

Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University  and she has been instructing English and Italian as a permanent Full-Time instructor in Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University. 

She published language teaching books in Italian – English – Turkish entitled “Artık Herkes İtalyanca Konuşacak” in 2006, “The Stories of Ömer Seyfettin” in 2007, “Learning Italian with Memory Techniques” in 2012, edited “Teaching Italian” in 2013, Italian Phrase Book in 2016, English Phrase Book in 2018, Turkish Phrase Book for Foreigners in 2021.

Educational Background 

2020 –          PhD            Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University 

                                   English Language and Literature Doctor of Philosophy PhD (Doctorate Program)

2020                                International Training Institute

                                        Cambridge University Train the Trainer for English Teachers Program

2018                                Queen English Language School

                                        How to Teach TOEFL & IELTS (Short Course)

2017                                 ETS

                                        TOEFL ITP Instruction Certificate

2015                                3M Akademi

                                        Family and Life Coach Certificate

2014                                International Training Institute

                                        CELTA – Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

2014                                Okan University                                                                                                          

                                        Turkish for Foreigners Program

2012                                 Marmara University 

                                         Teaching Certificate in English

 2009 – 2012             MA       Kadir Has University (GPA: 3.06/4.00)

                                             American Culture and Literature

 2004 – 2008             MA      Istanbul Commerce University

                                            International Trade

1997 – 2002             BA      Ankara University (GPA: 80/100)

 Italian Language and Literature     


  • Article: Ölü Ozanlar Derneği’nde yaratıcı öğretim metodolojisinin rolü-The role of creative teaching methodology in Dead Poets Society. RumeliDE Journal of Language and Literature Studies, (22), 832-845. DOI: 10.29000/rumelide.897186. (2021)
  • Turkish for Foreigners Phrase Book – Üniversiteli Kitabevi (2021)
  • English Phrase Book – Üniversiteli Kitabevi (2018)
  • Italian Phrase Book – Türkmen Kitabevi (2016)
  • Editor of “Teaching Italian” – Tekin Gültekin, Alfa Publications. (2013)
  • The MA thesis called McDonald’s Turkey has been completed. (2012)
  • Italian Education with the Memory Techniques – Memory Center (2012)
  • Ömer Seyfettin Hikayeleri-Stories of Ömer Seyfettin – Kelime Yayınları (2007)
  • Artık Herkes İtalyanca Konuşacak – Ecco Italiano – Türkmen Kitabevi (2006)
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